Celebrating Growing Kids

Parenting is a blessed, but not an easy, responsibility, especially when your kids get to the teen years. My eldest rebelled a bit in high school and wouldn’t answer my phone calls when he was late. So, I began to call all his friends’ cell numbers until one of them would get him to call me. Eventually he agreed to answer his phone to avoid the continual embarrassment of his mom calling around town. I didn’t know this was a ‘parenting technique’ when I started calling his friends—it just evolved. And that’s how parenting, how life, is—we’re all on the ‘learn as we go’ plan and many of us are far too hard on ourselves. We are sons and daughters of a God of Love who forgives all our errors, no matter how many times we fall. It’s not the falling that matters; it’s the learning about our intentions, growing where we need to, and getting back up to march on again. I digressed, didn’t I?

I’ve begun reaping my rewards as a parent, with two sons in college and one daughter finishing up her junior year in high school. I am enjoying who they are becoming; there were signs of this characteristic or that in their childhoods, but after 21, they seem more to ‘come into themselves.’ My sons are both far away at college, and I wonder if any mom has ever missed her children as much as I miss my sons. Of course they have! But my missing is personal to me, so it seems much larger.:) (Don’t even ask me about when my daughter moves out.)

I had a wonderful surprise last night when my daughter said she had to get something from the car and came back inside with my middle son, who was supposed to arrive later today. OMG! I was so happy. Later last night he said he had to run a quick errand and returned from the airport with his older brother, who wasn’t supposed to arrive until tomorrow! Double OMG! If you’re in the throes of raising your children, know this experience of life, love and personal growth is your destiny–and that it passes very, very quickly. Be there for your children, and treasure the little things, the fleeting, endearing moments that surprise you and touch your heart–for those memories, as some believe,  become a part of your very DNA and the permanent record of your life.


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