No Such Thing as Junk DNA

Remember how excited the scientific community was when they identified all the parts of the human genome, or the composition of our DNA? From this discovery (if I’m remembering right), we could soon be tested for genetic ‘markers’ for diseases, and they’re already researching how to fix those who have the markers. Can you imagine the cure for all diseases? I couldn’t help but think of the old Star Trek television series where the doctor used a handheld device to scan and heal injuries and other health issues.

This DNA discovery was big news, but the strange news was that only about five percent of our DNA is related to our chemical/physical/bodily conditions. I read an article in which the writer referred to the other ninety+ percent as ‘junk’ DNA. Ninety percent junk? Probably not. I later came across an article that stated the experiences of all of our lifetimes (as in reincarnation) is what is stored in that non-physical, other, mysterious ninety+ percent. Wow, I thought. That makes sense.

I recently received an email with an article from KRYON that discusses, also, the unidentified ninety+ percent of our DNA. The writer refers to it as an inter-dimensional quantum field, the place where the unique history of our spiritual evolvement, our wisdom, is recorded. (I wondered if this is the place our karmic responsibilities are stored.) This large field ‘influences’ our personal human genome. And, though we may wish to present a certain public face, exactly who we are is always with us and around us. He refers to this unidentified DNA as a portal to our Akashic Records, which, he says, is the quantum source of our nighttime dreams, which often don’t make sense to our linear minds.

Perhaps the most exciting part of this article is that we can change our cellular structure—we can be healed—by speaking with our own Higher Selves. “Dear Spirit, dear DNA,” the writer suggests, “examine the life that I have and give me those things that will enhance it.” The knowledge of working with our spiritual DNA will bring us to a compassionate place of asking, “What can I do for myself and the earth?”


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  1. “I later came across an article that stated the experiences of all of our lifetimes (as in reincarnation) is what is stored in that non-physical, other, mysterious ninety+ percent. Wow, I thought. That makes sense.”

    That sadly reminds me of a video game. Assassin’s Creed I&II. Except they believe that all of your ancestor’s knowledge, memories, lives and experiences were recorded into your DNA.

    It’s kind of intriguing.

    • It really is intriguing. Some people don’t believe in reincarnation, but if you’ve had dreams of past lives, have unexplained gifts or talents, or are trying to make sense of ‘why bad things happen to good people,’ you have to wonder. I don’t know why branches of Christianity took the subject out of their teachings–especially since Jesus was said to have been Elijah (I think it was) prior to his most well known lifetime. The most important thing for any of us to remember, is that our Creator knows our hearts and how hard we work to be good people. Every little kindness is noticed and loved by our Lord. (It’s not about whether or not we believe in reincarnation.)
      It’s weird that’s in a video game. The article at Kryon refers to this–that we are our own ancestors–also. Life is a great mystery!

      • Its a rather in depth conspiracy theory. They have a machine that is able to rebuild and recreate the past events so we could relive those experiences our ancestors were in. It’s technology that was being used by the Templars to try and find something very important to their cause of basically ruling the world.

  2. Fascinating, makes perfect sense to me. I think it’s safe to say that nothing in this universe is “junk.” It’s just a concoction of our minds for things we don’t want to or aren’t ready to deal with. But just as we’re awakening to the fact that all the physical stuff we call waste or garbage is really an integral part to the earth’s ecosystem, the key to our in- and e-ternal cosmic ecosystem can be found in the information we either discard, ignore, or are unaware of.

    • Hi Sven! That’s for stopping by–and for your wisdom. I love that life is such a great mystery and that we’re like detectives, sorting through our thoughts, feelings and experiences, trying to understand all the the Whys and Hows. And you are right–the answers are all within. It’s so ironic that we run from Love, the best gift of all, as we try to ‘go it alone.’ Makes for some great stories, though.

  3. So glad to hear your journey is also bringing you physical healing. Me, too.

    I’ve been having an experience some call “spontaneous kundalini activation” for a few years and part of that is that I sense/feel the presence of my light family/guides at night and during meditation….and energetic pulses running into problem spots on my body. Last night was no exception…since most of my physical body pain is gone now, I am receiving emotional healing and downloads (DNA? Memories??)

    It has been wonderful, a bit scary and weird and interesting but once I realized that I only had energies that were of the higest vibration around me…and with all the healing going on…I learned to trust.

    I guess why I’m mentioning this is that part of what is going on are changes to me on a cellular level. I know it because I ask when these healings are going on. Yes, and that includes DNA.

    Ahh, I like that part about us being “our own ancestors.” That sounds like some of the things I’m getting in my channelings.

    • Hi Dawn,
      Thanks so much for your comment. Learning to trust is something I’m still working on, only because of my own hang ups.:) I visited your site and want to say wow, nice work and hope every day gets better and better. I made a link to your site here.
      Pam B

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