A Story from Another World

Being a blogger really is being a writer; even if it’s in short spurts, we are communicating. I have written a 100,000 word Young Adult Fantasy–what else? My all time favorite stories and movies are the Lord of the Rings series. And I’ve always felt that whenever I’m writing, something more than me is present, but I had the neatest thing happen today.

I had previously come across a really cool website, Writing and Illustrating Children’s Books, about, well, writing and illustrating children’s books. I began a conversation with the extraordinarily helpful owner, Kathy Temean, who said that since I dream about characters from books (I’m usually along on their adventures), I had better get started on my own children’s book. So, I did and I’m about five double-spaced pages in. Today I was kind of pooped because I had been out earlier, and I had the experience of seeing the story about my eight-year-old protagonist in my mind’s eye, as though I was reading the book in another world while I was typing it here. And when I left to go pick up my daughter, I could still see and read the book. I had to smile—how cool is that? (The driving took over shortly thereafter—thank goodness!)

And then I thought, What if all writing is like that—already written, waiting for the right writer-person to come along? A part of me believes that’s true, but does it work when creating sales brochures, or technical documents? What about people who report the news, or write about the economy? Maybe it works just with fiction, I don’t know for sure. But it sure was wonderful to read and write the story at the same time! 


4 thoughts on “A Story from Another World

  1. Awesome! I wish something like that would happen to me. It would make coming up with story ideas a lot easier!

  2. Stephen King said something in a book he put together on the subject of fiction writing that I read. He had been asked why he wrote these creepy and scary stories. He answered, “What makes you think I have a choice?” When I truly have my creative bursts that turn into something wonderful, I truly don’t really feel as if I am here at all. I feel like the rain falling from the sky and landing at the whim of some greater power. It’s still coming from you, it’s just something has to push it and guide it. And sometimes we lose touch with that. It saddens me, but we do lose that touch. I wish it were always with me because I feel as if I have something to say, just not quite sure what it is or how to say it.

    • There’s no way you can miss what it is you’re meant to say and how to say it, Devin. Just keep writing, one day at a time, and trust in yourself and the Greater Power. You definitely, without question, are a writer and a young man with a lot to say. Thanks so much for coming by again.

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