The Dream Panorama

Dreamland is awesome. It’s the place we can fly like birds and swim under water with no need for air. We can visit with loved ones who’ve passed on, and drum up the courage to face our own demons. Dreamland is magical and sometimes there seems no rhyme or reason, yet there is, because they are us. And who among us hasn’t heard a story of someone who is set to travel the next day, but dreamed the plane or train crashed and didn’t go—and the crash happened? I’ve had a number of dreams about loved ones and interactions that went wrong, and I was able to change my own behavior for a better outcome. Experts say we release stress through the weird and wild dreams that make no sense. Some say if we didn’t let off steam in our dreams, we’d be crazy before too long.

But the best part of dreaming is that our conscious minds can’t take over there. Whatever is stored in our subconscious mind is what we experience and because our minds aren’t in control, our emotions are much more intense—and honest. This is part of how we learn who we are. We are born on Earth to ‘know ourselves’ and advance spiritually. Our non-conscious selves are the receivers of input from the Universe, God, our Higher Selves (however we see That Which Is Love). If we weren’t linked in this way and our egos were always in charge, it wouldn’t be long before we humans destroyed the world. (We’re doing a pretty good job of it even with our higher connections.)

There is another world, the world of light and balance and compassion, calling to us, “Come home! Come home!” To see it, to live there, we make our journeys, eventually to throw an inner switch that drops the veil from over our eyes. Heaven (Love) on Earth does exist and no matter how unlikely it appears, it is we who, for our many and varied reasons, choose keep the veils up.


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  1. Very well put, thank you. Our dreams are also a good indication of where we are spiritually and what areas in our life need modification.

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