Mother Nature’s Power

Mother Nature is revealing her power to us. We humans have given measuring-numbers to hurricanes and tornados and earthquakes, yet we probably “ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” (I’ll never forget the video recording from a store in Chile during the 8.8 earthquake.) Yet, when enough of us pray sincerely, she listens and answers. I’m thinking prayer has kept the oil spilled in the Gulf of Mexico from coming ashore, and I hope this continues. Is there one American who isn’t praying, Please, not there, again? In our town, we’ve prayed for snow in dry years and our prayers have been answered.

In the past year, I’ve come to think of our planet as a marvelous, living, breathing Being who wants us to know that she is alive, that she loves us, that she feels pain, and that she is pedaling like crazy to clean the poisons from the air and water and the soil. She is intrinsically beauty and harmony; perhaps all the earth-activity is her way of cleaning up our messes. (It’s not like she can get out a broom and mop.)

It’s pretty easy, if we so desire, to tune into her love for all that lives upon her, though I suppose it’s much harder in cities where it’s tough to remember that life is meant to be more than concrete and competition. They say competing is an instinct with us, but there is more to us than capitalism, the, “I’d sure like to be king of the world!” fixation. The great powers of love and compassion reside within all of us—let’s unleash them in place of the race to the top. Can we even imagine what human beings could accomplish when working with each other, and with Mother Nature? Let’s try, together.