(My) Two Sides of Depression

I wonder if all people who suffer from depression have two sides to their personalities like me. I once described myself as two-in-one Winnie-the-Pooh characters. Some days I was like Eeyore the donkey, with head hanging low, slow speech, droopy ears, in a self-absorbed mode where I couldn’t hear what anyone else was saying. On other days I was so like Tigger–bouncing onto the scene, landing on people’s heads, knocking over stuff as we tumbled about, again, not hearing what anyone else was saying.

I have no idea, but maybe a diagnosis of depression is a milder form of some manic illness. Or maybe it is just me. Paramahansa Yogananda said something like this: Dwelling on the darkness makes us ugly and looking for the good makes us beautiful. It is important to know that we can help ourselves.

Someone once told me I could not know God using medications for depression, so every time I took a pill, I felt guilty. But, she was wrong about that. When people take meds for depression, we are adjusting brain chemistry and there are times in life for us depression-sufferers when all we can see is the darkness, and we descend, endlessly. Those medications are an intervention for us, a hand up out of the pit, a place from where we start the creative process of letting go of the past and healing.


2 thoughts on “(My) Two Sides of Depression

  1. I hope everything will be be okay.. I got diagnosed of depression years ago but with the help of my family and my psychiatrist I’m okay now.

    • That’s great news; I’m glad you’re better–I am, too. Family is so important, isn’t it? I think we get better when we learn to be ourselves, when we’re not so afraid of everyone and everything. Keep up your good work.

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