Be Yourself

We had a poster up when my kids were little that said, “Do your best and leave the rest to God.” I loved that little poster because it condensed how-to-live into one significant idea. It is the answer to every problem, whether we believe God is everywhere at once, lives above us in the sky, is in one particular man or woman, or alive and well within all of us.

The problem with this answer is us–our egos and personalities. We often see ourselves alone in the world, no god walking hand-in-hand with us or carrying us when we need a lift, or when we want what we want NOW. There have been many times in my life when I wanted something or someone more than I wanted to leave it all in God’s hands; this was the source of my life’s speed bumps and valleys. I always knew when I was not handing my desires over because of the specific inner resistance I felt. It is a sneaky, slimy feeling and I refused to consciously acknowledge it. But I always knew it was there.

Now, nearing 58 years, I know that we must be ourselves in order to know who we are. It seems a complicated formula because so many of us carry so much guilt over our mistakes. But it isn’t complicated; to see who we really are is why we are all born in the first place. We choose our journeys before we are born, knowing exactly what it will take for us to arrive at this knowing: There is nothing we can do to separate ourselves from God. Well, maybe there is one thing–to choose to separate knowing full well the consequences.

God knows who we are before we are born and knows what our trials will be. He/She knows how far we will advance toward the above knowing, and not only gives us free reign, He/She sends us into this life with Guardian Angels, all of which we can or cannot believe. It is not that there are no consequences for our actions; it is that in reflecting back on the consequences of what we thought and did, we realize that we are beloved soul-cells of God’s body. This is our awakening and no matter what, we are meant to shine the light of Love everywhere.