Look Deeper. You Are Love.

Beautiful and Shining

Life is a process of ups and downs, being in and being out, and of celebration and grief. No matter how great other people’s lives look to us from the outside, we’re all born with stuff we have to figure out, imbalances in our natures, and karma–both wonderful and heart-wrenching–that we will experience along the way. It’s good to know that life is experienced in cycles and waves and that when darkness hits, it will pass, and that when the joy that tickles our hearts and souls has slipped away, it will return.

We do have some control over how life unfolds. If we drink too much or use unsafe drugs or risk being attacked because we’re always at parties, life can spin out of control. If we never get together with family and friends, we could end up separate and lonely. Balance can be learned if it’s balance we’re looking for.

The most fulfilling way to live is to look for the answers to life’s most profound questions: Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? Every sincere need to find the answers is met within us. We can’t be fulfilled by another person, though we may experience a temporary high in relationships. Even satisfying work alone will not fulfill us. There is more and we can’t find the more or the deeper outside of ourselves. The answers lie within, in our soul-seed that is a cell of God’s body. From the eyes of the soul, we are joy-filled, trusting that the best is yet to be, and that we are beautiful, shining, loving and compassionate children of God.

Have a great day. You are loved.