Of the Same Essence

Individual, Yet the Same

My Akita-mix, Max, and I were out for a walk yesterday when I was suddenly overcome by the feeling of how similar we humans are and how much our hearts are the same. Maybe it is because spring is making intermittent appearances and several neighborhood trees are celebrating with spectacular blossoms, or maybe it is the sky so blue and the air so full of pollen–oops, I mean ‘the air so fresh.’In the apartments where I live, I see many different people–different colors, different traditions and levels of education. Some were not ‘brought up well’ and throw trash wherever they stand and let their dogs poop on the sidewalks. Some are young adults who don’t care who their loud music wakes up. Some are older and bitter, weighed down by the course of their lives. Some hurt their children. People with educations and wealth surely see themselves as the opposite of my neighbors, yet in that flash of insight, I saw us all made of the same essence.

All our hopes for true love, to follow our dreams, to make a difference in the world are shared, as though a giant beam of Lovelight shines upon us all, and no matter how far from our essence we stray, the beam shines on us anyway–lighting the way home.

It seems to our little minds that this isn’t true, that some of us are better than others, but this is only a part of the Great Cosmic Story. It is an illusion, an actor whose job it is to lay a blanket of darkness over us. As my friend Sharie, at Sending Joy says every time she posts, throw off the blanket, see only love and know that you have as many chances as you need to ‘start over.’ It is not about perfection; it is about the journey of becoming the butterfly.