A Humbling Experience

I Understand!

What goes around, comes around. What we sow, we reap: “You did it to him. Now it is coming back to you. Can’t you see that?”

We’ve all heard this universal law and may even believe it’s true, but quite often we don’t see that what happens to us is a direct result of what’s on our minds and our actions. In my family this has been especially true with our fears. We tend to focus on the things we most fear, causing those very things to happen. I once read somewhere, “The universe is an obliging system. Whatever we believe with emotion, it brings to us.”

Not seeing my own role in a deteriorating relationship was pointedly brought to my attention the first time I completed a 40-day forgiveness prayer. I had considered myself a victim, but after the 40-day prayer, realized that not only did I allow myself to be the victim, my ongoing hostility was feeding his hostility. It was so loud and clear, I began to see the part I had played in many of the troubled areas and break-ups of my life.

It was a humbling period of time. This allowed a healing of sorts, a letting go of heartbreak and anger–and of the past. Later that year, I began writing this blog and more healing happened as the often-loving words of Notes on the Path came to me and ‘washed me,’ so to speak.

Anyway, I hope my realizations help you in some way, too. Have a great day and a wonderful weekend. And thanks for stopping by.