Divine Mother

Is there a Divine Mother?

If ever a personification of God was a perfect balance of yin and yang, of love and authority, it is Jesus. He cared for and healed us, understood and loved us, and ultimately sacrificed his own life to demonstrate unconditional love. Yet he knew and taught from the Hebrew bible, tossed the bankers out of the temple, commanded nature, and even the dead to rise, with absolute certainty. He had to be born in a male body two thousand years ago. As it was, he stirred up a lot of trouble for himself, ministering for only three short years, but he wouldn’t have lasted a week in a female body. Is it still that way today?

Throughout most of my life, I accepted that God was the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I sang ‘Faith of our Fathers’ (off key) along with everyone else in church. I accepted that God was patriarchal. But as I grew older, I longed for us to grow beyond war into peace, from exclusion into inclusion and past wrath into forgiveness. I asked myself, “Where’s the Divine Mother? Is there a Divine Daughter?” I’ve since come to believe that the early male authority figures of the church decided women didn’t need to see themselves as potentially divine. Would an also-potentially-divine female be subservient? Perhaps they handled the problem of a feminine aspect of god by calling Her the Holy Spirit.

Some people believe a Divine Feminine aspect of God was once worshipped as we now worship God the Father. Below are some of the names given Her in other parts of the world. I found the list below at Vessels of Peace, a lovely website.

The 11 Intentions

I honor and receive the transforming power of Shakti, Divine Feminine Energy.

I honor and receive the peaceful knowing of Sophia, Divine Wisdom.

I honor and receive the nurturing acceptance of Mary, Divine Love.

I honor and receive the sacred flame of Hestia, Divine Sanctuary.

I honor and receive the healing kindness of Kwan Yin, Divine Compassion.

I honor and receive the steady courage of Kali Durga, Divine Strength.

I honor and receive the generosity of Lakshmi, Divine Abundance.

I honor and receive the natural rhythms of Gaia, Divine Harmony.

I honor and receive the inspiration of Saraswati, Divine Creativity.

I honor and receive the inner stillness of Sige, Divine Silence.

I honor and receive the Divine Feminine in all Her infinite forms.

May Her grace flowing through me uplift and transform the world.

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