The Perfection of Non-Perfection

I used to be overly self-critical and hyper-sensitive to ‘vibes,’ especially when I was a child. I lived in a perpetual state of fear, perhaps mostly of my own making. Most kids were a lot tougher than me and bounced back from life’s bumps and bruises quickly. My life has been about learning to love myself and others just as we are—seeing the perfection in non-perfection. The ability to see beauty where we believe there is none is what motivates people who work to make a positive difference. These people are blessed with a generosity of spirit and they bless the rest of us by showing us how to see—to really see.

Once we plant our feet on the path of seeing perfection in non-perfection something remarkable happens. Every flicker of a kind thought, every small effort to forgive, every hand extended to help others out of the muck is acknowledged and magnified by the ‘universe.’ I loved the song when I used to attend Mass that had the lyrics, ‘We are God’s heart, God’s hands and God’s feet.’ When we perform a loving action, because Love is the source of the universe, our gifts of compassion ripple out from us, joining other ripples, where the force of all the waves together is supercharged by the universe. This is how ‘one person makes a difference.’ This is why, when we learn to see the perfection in non-perfection, we and our lives are transformed by unconditional Love. God bless us everyone.:)