Good Friday and Humility

Today is Good Friday—the day Christians honor Jesus Christ for sacrificing Himself so we can be with God. Over the years I’ve asked myself, “If I could walk on water, create food for thousands of people, turn water into the best wine ever, and heal blind and sick people, would I allow myself to be nailed through my hands and feet to a tree?” The truth is, I might be tempted to toss the soldiers aside with some kind of power. When you can perform all those miracles, why is dying necessary?

I’m not an expert, but I think it has something to do with the natural humility of His heart and His great love of God’s other children–us. If the most pure, the most light-filled, the greatest Being of Love accepts His destiny to be beaten to a pulp and to die nailed to a cross on our behalf, that pretty much sets the bar for the rest of us. All wars, troubles, tension, disagreements and threats can be healed with the presence of only one humble person to begin the dialogue. Humility does not come naturally to us, though. We are more likely to feel over-confident and powerful, and justified and righteous as we seek revenge against those who may or who have wronged us. It’s easier to perceive the weaknesses of others than to take an accounting our own.

Most of us see ourselves at the center of the universe. Our thoughts are about us, what we want, who we love, where we’re aiming and so on. But the true center of the universe is the Love of Christ and all that His example means: humility, faith, hope, inclusion, healing, forgiveness, joy and peace.