Wake-Up Calls

We live on Earth, a physical world, and we are brought up learning how to function in a physical world. We discover how to walk and talk, to learn, go to school and work, build families, and live for as long as we can. We learn about life and death, and death can be scary if we don’t remember the soul-side while we are here. Some people don’t believe our souls are eternal or that there is an afterlife. Whenever I read that, I always wonder, ‘What’s the difference, then, between a live body and a dead body?’

When I was meditating about today’s sentence (when my head’s not so foggy, I remember to ask for a sentence to start). I heard, “You humans don’t know what you think you know. You think you’ve made great progress, but you don’t know even ten percent of what is. The rest is unknown.”

I remember how absolutely certain I was about everything in my twenties. From then on, it seemed I became more uncertain every day. This isn’t a physical world and we’re not physical, either? We are energy, the world is energy, the universe is energy? There are likely dimensions beyond our third-dimensional world, and we may be living in parallel worlds while we are in this world? I have always loved sci-fi; maybe it is not so crazy after all. Maybe those writers are ‘tuning in’ somehow to what we can’t see or understand due to the limited use of our untapped senses. And, what is that number—five percent of the mind used, the rest untapped?

The unraveling of my presumptions was a big change for me. Though appearance is of the utmost of importance in our society, we really can’t ‘judge a book by its cover.’ Whether it is race or religion or gender or age, we are all the same on the inside. Of course our environments affect us and we all have prejudices of one kind or another, but they’re not true. Our body shapes and colors, our IQs, our convictions, are such a tiny percentage of all that is, of all that we are, they are not even a blip on the reality-scale. What we think we know, we don’t.

A hand extended, a comforting hug, a listening heart and we begin to understand, to see the truths of the other person. We humans tend to banish our judgments in emergencies, but like to hold onto them day-to-day. Maybe that is why we’ve had so many Mother Earth wake-up calls of late; we are stuck in opinion and judgment, in races and classes, all of which are untrue measures of a man or a woman. We are so much more and are capable of so much more, but first we have to tear down the walls of judgment so we can honor our Creator, and each other, and His/Her gifts of love and truth that live inside every single one of us, waiting to blossom.