Are We Alone?

There is an old saying, “We are born alone and we die alone.” Consider all the songs and poems written about feeling alone in a crowd, even within a close relationship. The more we live inside our own heads, thinking of ourselves and everything else from only our perspectives, the more likely we are to feel isolated. To have friends, we must first learn to be a friend.

But we’re never truly alone. From the moment our souls are born in the invisible world, we are a cell on our Creator’s body. And in the space between lives, we see the big picture again–our belonging to That Which is Whole. We’re never separate from our Creator or our guardian angels, even when we turn away. If our lives are bumpy and hard, it is because we chose that path before birth–for our own spiritual evolution. We are born to the fathers and mothers who best fit the path we’ve chosen, as hard as this may be to understand–without insight. And we are not meant to wallow, a lesson I’ve learned the hard way. We’re meant to grow through whatever comes our way, a promise we make to ourselves before we take on our bodies.

Whether we choose a higher road or a self-centered path in life, we will make contact with people on similar courses. Some of us choose to live alone, always for specific reasons, which is a birthright–yet we are never disconnected from the Source of All. Some of us spend a lot of time looking for true love (sometimes in all the wrong places–ask me), but what we long for can only come from awareness of our connection to the Source. When that connection is working in both directions, we will live in awe of our relationship to every living thing in the universe. Every thought, every deed affects the whole because we are not alone.


2 thoughts on “Are We Alone?

  1. Ecxellent excellent Pam! You’ve made a very simply expressed observation – and yet very profound.
    Yes, the “real illusion is that we are alone.” This is so very true. When we truly commit ourselves to the Light working in harmony with others both here and beyond, and stop giving our power to the fear mongering that is so often presented to us in the media and our day-to-day interactions – even the idea of insurance – which most would feel to be a prudent act – in its own subtle way suggests giving our power to fear. Having said that there is a difference between fear and being aware. There is a real difference in the energy that we put out between these two elements – and it is the energy we put out, not so much the mind’s thinking, that creates the re-action whether positive or negative. Again – what we put out we attract back to ourselves. Michael.

    • Thank you for adding so much to this blog, Michael. Fear always distorts and misleads us. We have to work at putting fear aside and I don’t always find that easy to do!

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