Who or What is God?

God is Loving Energy and So Are We

At the bottom of this post is a note from my online buddy, Michael Brine, about the Divine, and the use of the word “God,” which, as he says, means something unique to each of us. His email has caused me to want to share with you what I feel about God.

I write about God a lot at this blog because I feel as though I walk through life arm-in-arm with my Best Friend, God. God within me listens to my dilemmas, encourages me to move beyond my ego-self (my little self) and to see Love in everyone and everything. It’s a very personal experience, yet I also sense that God is everywhere in the universe at all times–beyond time as we experience it here on this tiny speck of a planet which, according to physicists, is not solid at all. It’s energy; we’re energy.

When I was reading about the ancient Mayan people, the materials describe the Source at the center of the universe, with something like way-stations between us and the Source, and all communications transmit back and forth through these way-stations–instantaneously. I can relate to that for some reason. I guess I have a need to place the center of the energy of Love somewhere which, as Michael says, could be my mind trying to draw an organizational chart.:)

Our minds are activity centers, with the conscious mind demanding control of what we see and do. If we let them, our minds will confuse us with too much or conflicting information, and should we desire to connect with That Which is Beyond the Mind, through our unconscious minds, our busy little minds will try to act as gatekeepers: ‘Who said you can tap the unconscious mind? I certainly did not!’ Michael is right—we can’t connect with the Source through our minds; we can only tap the unconscious part of ourselves through quieting the mind.

I think of God as my best friend, but also as a Father and a Mother, a Christ and a Buddha, Grandfather and the Great Mystery. No matter the name, wherever Love is, God is. If it’s not loving, it’s not God. If it’s mean, harsh or judgmental name-calling, it’s not God. If it’s gentle and wise, it is God. Desires, like for power, money and sex, seem to be connected to the conscious mind, and Loving Kindness is tapped through the universal unconscious mind. If God is everywhere, all the time, then God is in all of us, period, no matter how much I, and perhaps some of you, judge other people we find less than acceptable. Perhaps this is the greatest lesson of all: When we see God in everyone, in the Earth and all of life, we can say that we, by whatever name we use, know God.

As for blogging once a day for a year, my promise to the Best Friend part of me, as long as I feel called to the computer, I’ll turn it on and see what happens.:) If one day I or a guest writer is not here, you’ll know nothing came to me to do.


I am going to comment about the word/understanding relating to differing concepts on the use of the word “God” You can print this or not as you choose.

You talk about your promise to “God” to have a daily blog for a year. The religious connect when this word is used puts some people off. Others have a very simplified concept of some Being, a male figure of course, sitting on a throne high in the sky [Heaven]. Others somewhere in between these two somewhat extreme views of “God.”

For myself, in order to understand this I sincerely feel we have to go beyond the mind–the mental concept–of what is truly meant when this “God” word is used. It is frankly well beyond the mind’s ability to know this huge concept while functioning in this 3D world.  For as I have said to you before, the mind is a tool, NOT our master, as so many feel it to be. Therefore, to understand “God” you have to get beyond the limitations of the mind. For me, God, in essence, is everything that exists, which includes you and me. It is in all things and there is nowhere in the Universe where “God” is not. Therefore you and I and all living beings are part of this creation, therefore we are God, in varying stages of awareness. Therefore when you say you feel that God wanted you to maintain this blog on a daily basis, YOU said that to you. So —————- Get it?

As we also know the foundation of the Universe is based on Love, a somewhat limiting English word which means so much more, as in Compassion, but you get my drift.


2 thoughts on “Who or What is God?

  1. Again, I agree with both and the difference, methinks, is not in the concepts, but the semantics.
    So, God bless you both,

    • You know, maybe it is just semantics. And I don’t blame people who are upset by the word “God.” What subject has been more misused and manipulated for man’s purposes than religion and God? We must seek our own path to find something we are comfortable with, some spiritual idea that fits with us. Thanks, Anita. Love you.

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