A Book Review of: Lit from Within, by Annette Childs, PhD

Lit From Within: A Book for the Evolving Soul
by Annette Childs, PhD., Illustrated by Ann Rothan

The first time I read Lit from Within, I was shifted from this physical world into the world of the heart–light and love. I was unable to put the book down until I’d taken some time for reflection: What is it about this book? How did I get here?

When my teenage son came home from football practice, I asked him to sit and listen as I read it. (He is so very patient with his mama.) When I was done, I quietly closed the book and looked up. Something shifted in him, too, and he asked, “Can I have a copy?”

What is it about this book?

Dr. Annette Childs is a licensed clincial social worker and practicing therapist who guides people through times of painful transition, especially those who are grieving. She is the author of three books, Will You Dance?*, Halfway Across the River**, and the subject of this review, Lit from Within. She is called “visionary” and “a mystic.” Her writing style is fluid, poetic and captivating, and rich with metaphor and symbolism.

Lit from Within is published by Wandering Feather Press. Filed in ‘Inspiration,’ it consists of 112 full-color, illustrated pages, and is available at Amazon.com.

Dr. Childs received the words of Lit from Within in the last days of her third pregnancy, as she met 92-year-old Eileen, whose “luminosity wrapped around her like a veil.” The author realized then that the story of the sacred flame lit for each of us at birth still shines as we approach the last, quiet days of our lives. The book is an invitation to awaken and know that we are not here merely to exist, but to find our wings and spread our light. Ann Rothan illustrates the book with celestial paintings perfectly complementing the tone and spirit of the story, which is narrated by a ‘Guardian.’

The book begins as our Guardians commit themselves to our souls, sent by the Shining One into the wombs of our mothers-to-be. As the weight of illusion weighs heavily on us, they guide and remind us that we chose this life for both its moments of joy and sorrow, to experience both success and betrayal. They whisper to us that we are born to awaken the light within, that our purpose is to gain wisdom, to learn to accept change with grace, and to know that the sacred flame lit within us at birth will carry us home to the Shining One at the end of our days.

Whenever I feel unbalanced, I pick the book up and read it again. It always has the same effect: I gain more understanding of who I am and why I’m here. Lit from Within can be read aloud to young ones, given to students upon graduation, and to friends and family members who are in need of a strong dose of compassion and hope.

Dr. Child’s other books:
*Will You Dance?
“This tiny treasure is a bringer of light, illuminating that which is true and yet can seem so elusive in times of darkness. Each page is like a heart-filled gift of poetry and art. Annette Childs shines an uncommon wisdom and light into this world.”
Rebecca Tolin
KPBS Broadcasting, San Diego, CA.

**Halfway Across the River
“Dr. Annette Childs . . . shares stories of moments that transcend the ordinary experiences of life. She has captured ‘messages’ from across the veil with incredible grace, wisdom and compassion. This book provides a message of hope for any who question, “Is this all there is?” and for anyone who has experienced a loss.”
Deb Girard, RN
Circle of Life Hospice


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  1. I am sending John to the library to get the book and look forward to reading it,

  2. Hi Pam, this sounds like a fascinating book. I will have to see if I can find a copy here in Australia. Thanks for the review. Hope you are doing well.

    • I have three extra copies and I would love to mail one to you. It’s just out, not even on Amazon yet. Email me your mailing address and I’ll get one off to you. You will love it. Love, Pam

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