A White Buffalo in the Sky

A white buffalo from http://www.nativevillage.org

This morning when Max and I went out for a walk the sky was clear and blue, which feels wonderful to everyone around here because of all the gray skies and rain and snow we’ve had this winter. Not that I’m complaining—our water is melted snow from the mountains. The children are out in droves in our apartment complex and at least for this day, it appears Spring is springing. Yahoo!

Less than half the way through our walk, I noticed a single, small, puffy white cloud. I turned around and checked the sky; this little cloud was all by itself, which isn’t typical. It’s shape was an oval with spiky extensions coming from the bottom. I’m sure a weatherman could explain where this one little cloud came from, but it began to change shape so I stopped to watch (so I don’t repeat falling off the curb or into a hole which I’m famous for around here). The left side grew smaller with a little bump, and the right side grew bigger with its own bump. The spiky tendrils changed into four legs. It’s a white buffalo! (I love seeing shapes in the sky!)

We continued on our way and I’m so tired from being out yesterday that I almost forgot to do a search for ‘white buffalo.’ Basically, the Lakota Indians and other Plains Indians describe a legend of the appearance about 2000 years ago of a beautiful woman in stunning, intricately decorated, white clothing. She taught them  how to live in harmony and gifted them a sacred pipe that when used releases smoke that is the breath of Grandfather Mystery. When she left, she told them to watch for the birth of a white buffalo because that would mean her time to return had come.  

There have been multiple births of white (non-albino) buffalos since 1994 and as she prophesied, they change from white to yellow, then red and finally black, so that the colors of the four directions (east, west, north and south) are all represented. This would signify the onset of a new age of honoring all people and Mother Earth, and of healing old wounds and living together in peace and harmony. Sometimes when I read what I’ve written here I wonder if I’ve gone a little crazy with my sense of a new world being born, where love and compassion and a simpler way of living are the norm. I know my post yesterday was ridden with disappointment and I think the little cloud became a white buffalo to my eyes to say, “The new world is coming. Believe!”


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