Corrections and Solutions

Sometimes it seems it’s all going to hell, us and our relationships, our incomes, our assets, our country. But all of this unraveling is happening for divine reasons. The 2008 crash of the stock market was called a correction by those who had foreseen it and, at least in America, many of us were running on an artificial-success-high, buying homes and cars and big-screen TVs we really couldn’t afford. (I’m guilty, too.) It was a pendulum swung too far to one side and we were corrected en masse: Hold on there, people! It’s not about what you own, it’s about who you are and how you spend your life. Do you make a difference for others or are you on this planet for yourself?

I’d call our ‘correction’ a pretty significant one, one that’s affecting most of the world—yet those in power still aren’t getting it. Such as the wealthy who are trying to create something like a ‘stock market’ for trading ‘shares’ within the Cap and Trade pollution proposal that is now pending in Congress. (They want to trade their ‘shares’ of the right to pollute as a way to generate another source of income for themselves.) And how about Congress? Could any other body of people be more self-serving and manipulative than our elected officials? It’s become a game and, truly, it is only a game to them, a wealth-building reality show. If we knew what they really thought, it would make us vomit and then we’d be furious. How ‘we the people’ are doing is irrelevant 80% of the time and becomes important, in an acting kind of way, only in the months prior to securing the next election.

Are we getting it, about what’s important? Can these wealth-savvy people get it? I don’t know, of course, but at the rate we’re going, there are likely to be more lies from them and more corrections for us. I used to think if we elect them again, we deserve whatever they do, but it doesn’t seem to matter who we elect, because only the people who can stomach this false, but shiny life, run for office. They sure are convincing before the elections, though, and now they can raise an unlimited amount of funds for advertising from anyone, any lobbying organization, any large corporation and even non-U.S. citizens. Thanks for looking out for America, Supreme Court justices. I wonder what those non-U.S. citizens will buy for their money. In order for our country to continue to exist, we must have formidable campaign contribution limits, but Congress will not pass any law that protects the American people but limits them–in any way. You know what I’d like to see? A series of TV-news specials that showed us the homes of the members of Congress and their families, what kind of cars they drive and who they hang out with. That would be very revealing, but the TV producer who made the specials would pay for it by losing ad revenues before the elections and believe me, that’s a loss hard to bear. They count on that money. PBS, where are you?

I remind myself every now and then that there is a divine plan at work, one that offers us the higher road. Solving all our problems would seem almost magical if the solutions were divinely inspired. I guess we’ve chosen to earn divinely inspired corrections first and when we’re on our knees, hands clasped over our hearts, the solutions we can’t see now will come.


2 thoughts on “Corrections and Solutions

  1. Hard to read blog, but, sadly, true. Every now and then someone makes an attempt to re-connect with the family, to scale down the spending, etc. which is commendable, I just wish there were more of it.
    It’s too bad so many have been brainwashed for so long in regards to the state of the economy, health care, education, the so-called food we buy at the supermarket, etc.
    I can only pray and clean up my own act and try very hard not to get discouraged,

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