Beyond Our Reality

Beyond the edges of our reality, there exists a breathtaking world of beauty and light. Whatever we can imagine about our Creator, Spirit, Love, Truth, angels, and healing, falls far short of what is. When all who long for the Light are blessed to see this world, we will fall to our knees, unable to speak, eyes wide with awe, tears of joy streaming down our faces. We will understand the purpose of the heart-pain of our lives, both from hurting others and being hurt. It will all be washed away by the noble spirit of forgiveness; it will be as if the pain never was. We are graduating from a dense place for mule-headed people to a place lit by love and peace and understanding. It is the next step of our evolution as a species. I am past ready; how about you?



6 thoughts on “Beyond Our Reality

  1. Of course I’m ready – let’s go.
    However, too bad that there’s still work to do as well as lessons to learn.

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