People of the Miracles

Have you ever wanted magical powers? I have—I wanted the power of the witch, Samantha, from an old TV show, Bewitched, to wiggle my nose and have the whole house be clean. Even all these years later, I still wish for that one.:) I’ve also wanted to be a healer, a bringer of God’s love to others, to speak gently with people and then lay my hands on them so that their hearts and minds were at peace. Then there were the years when I wanted to be a wizard and shoot lightning from my hands (only at certain people). Never even got close to that one, though once when I was furious my spiritual mentor suggested I turn the energy on myself to see what it was. I woke up the next morning with blisters on the tips of all my fingers. Now, that’s what you call a learning experience! That opened the door to my instantaneous what goes around, comes around experiences. Ah, the good old days. . .

Our power to create while on earth is a magical power, even if we’ve never seen it that way. We take the energy of the God-seed within and multiply it to manifest something in the here and now. The reason personal coaches always tell us to write down our goals is because our hopes and dreams grow outward from our subconscious minds–the ideas take form there first. I haven’t seen the three Matrix movies in their entirety, but have seen enough bits and pieces to understand that Neo learns that whatever he believes can happen, will happen. The computer people are ‘born’ knowing this but the humans have a series of hard-knocks lessons until they understand, too. They must, for if they don’t, the Matrix will destroy them all.

We all know that we can establish goals and achieve them step-by-step if we stay focused, but what about manifesting our goals immediately? What about opening our minds enough that our bodies can fly, or use our minds to plant a spectacular garden or build a spacecraft, instantly? I know those seem impossible, but we have the power within to achieve them. Like Neo, we only have to believe.

There is a catch, of course. The creative spark within can only be used with love. We can create a dark life filled with dark things all by ourselves on earth, but for our beautiful hopes and dreams to manifest here, they must be rooted in love. What a way to spend our lives, though, making a difference for other people. This is your calling and mine: to believe and create miracles of love for others.


6 thoughts on “People of the Miracles

  1. Indeed – While I was reading this the thought that entered my mind was – “Yes – this is all very true but the missing element in what is being said is Love.
    Then – I read that word in the last para and I said to myself – “YES!” Michael.

    • Yes, I remember when we first met, Michael, and you said, “Never fear; love is all there is. Love is everything.” Thank you for your sharing, again. Love, Pam

  2. Very good post and very true – no wonder love is stressed so much by the teachers of the truth. No matter how my other emotions spring to the surface, I know that the only soltuion can be found in love.

  3. Let me add another comment if I may. The English language has its limitations. By this I mean that the word “Love” is so much more than what most understand when that limiting word is used: ie:- Compassion, harmony, dancing across the Universe , the music of the stars – words words – so limiting but that’s all we have to try and express the inexpressible. Michael.

    • Thank you for adding that. I often forget when I write about love that I mean what you said, compassion, harmony, healing, opening to the Divine, the source of all answers; not that our human to human love doesn ‘t count, it just gets multiplied and miraculous when Love with a capital “L” is at work. Love, Pam

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