Birth Pangs of a New Age

I saw some footage last night, filmed during the 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile, and I couldn’t breathe for a few seconds after. No matter how I had tried to imagine what 8.8 felt like, I hadn’t gotten close because I’ve never seen this type of violent shaking before. Normally we see stuff falling off shelves, or maybe shelves tumbling and sometimes ceilings caving in and so on. Even the destruction of nearly every building in Haiti’s capitol didn’t prepare me for this film. I’m certain after seeing it that 8.8 instantly snaps necks and other bones too. If the footage had shown people, they would have looked like rag dolls. I thought when I saw it that I would’ve died of a heart attack from sheer terror and a sense of betrayal by the Earth we live on. And yet, we see people crawling out of rubble, walking down twisted roads through broken buildings, searching for loved ones and water and food. People are amazingly resilient and many have shown great courage in Haiti and Chile. Thank God for all the people helping in both countries; they are real heroes.

There is some talk on the Internet of the earth being cleansed between now and 2012. I don’t know–maybe it’s true. The Haiti and Chile earthquakes and lives lost certainly make it seem true. I’m not afraid to die and I am ashamed to say this after witnessing so much terrible loss, but I don’t want my children to die. I want us all to be together—yet I know I haven’t any control over what happens. I, we, can only control how we react to events, should we survive them. It’s important to remember that we are souls in temporary bodies, not the other way around.

We’re at the end of a major 26,000-year-cycle and this type of earth-activity is being called the birth pangs of a New Age, in which we raise ourselves into more peaceful, joyful and connected people. We can respond to the destruction with despair and anger—it certainly is tempting—but that doesn’t serve us or our hopes and dreams, and most especially our relationships with God. People have always prophesied the end of human life (and in some cases, our planet) because of how we have lived. Most of us have been pretty decent people as far as I can tell, but through the ages we have given our will and power over to corrupt government officials, evil dictators or, in America, to corporate greed, which has played a huge part in the poisoning of our Earth Mother, who now seems determined to shake some portion of us into space.

What can we do? We can pull on our big-boy and big-girl pants and boots–and buck up. As long as we’re breathing we can choose courage in the face of whatever comes. We can make our relationships with our Creator stronger, bolstered by knowing that we chose to live on earth at this time, for reasons our souls know. (We can learn the reasons through prayer and meditation.) We can also choose not to fear the future. What will come will come. Wherever you live, whatever you are doing, be present in this moment, your attention focused on what is happening right now, because this awareness is the home-place of courage and inspired action. It’s time for us to tap it.


2 thoughts on “Birth Pangs of a New Age

  1. No matter what is presented to us, it’s important for us to BE HERE NOW. There simply is no other answer. And, yes, we need to be and stay connected. I love being in prayer and meditation as much as I love being on the dance floor or at a party. And it’s important that I be totally present at each. I pray for the victims of the earthquakes, for friends who are dying of cancer, for friends that are losing their homes, my heart goes out to all that suffer. I give when prompted to do so; I work on myself to be more patient, etc. I honestly don’t know what else I can do – but it will come to me,

    • Anita, you are one of the most open people I know, and you do so many kind things for others. Praying is a whopper of an intimate gift. You are there for your friends. Be happy, don’t worry. Goodness comes from you. Love you.

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