Yo! Be Here Now

If you look up BE in the dictionary, you will find among the definitions: To exist, to happen, to be true, to be situated, and to be present (as in roll call). I couldn’t find anything about awareness as it is used in the 1971 book Remember, Be Here Now by Ram Dass. His book is considered to be a manual for making the transition to a spiritual lifestyle. I read it a couple of years after it was published, so I don’t remember a lot of details—just the sense that it rang true and was very helpful. I and fellow members of our meditation group often chided each other to, “Be Here Now,” meaning ‘to bring our attention to the present moment.’ (Or to quit whining, depending on the situation.:)

Ahhh, those were the days. Though we have gone our separate ways for the most part, we’re all still aware of what ‘being in the moment’ entails: Let go of the past, fear not the future and focus on what is happening right here, right now. Thirty-nine years later there are many more books on the subject and I believe therapists commonly introduce their patients to the concept, too. Mine often said to me, “But you’re okay in this moment, right?” To which I once retorted, “Yes, dang it! How can I worry if I have to keep saying I’m okay right now?”:)

I learned to ask myself, “What’s happening right now? “whenever I felt fear or confusion. I stopped, looked slowly around, and acknowledged everything I could see. I learned to take slow, deep breaths, which causes more oxygen to be carried to the brain, having a calming effect. I learned I didn’t have to trigger the adrenalin rush of a person trapped in an alley by a giant tiger when I made mistakes, or dropped things, or forgot something or ‘misbehaved.’ I repeated to myself over and over, “I don’t have to be perfect; I don’t have to be perfect.”

The thing is, we can’t ever just be, or be in this moment, with our awareness all present and accounted for (not on work or money or family problems), if we don’t calm ourselves down. Inspiration and solutions come in the space of ‘right now,’ so if our attention is in the past or the future, it’s very hard to know what to do. Prayer and meditation are means to an end, to make the connection with our higher selves, the God-seed within. That’s BEing!


4 thoughts on “Yo! Be Here Now

  1. well said! I was thinking and writing about the here and now just today, how cool!

    Did you ever read Ram Dass’ more recent book, “Still Here?” It was written after he had a stroke and his experience of being incapacitated and having to learn to let others take care of him. It’s a very touching book.

    • Thanks, Sven. It feels like a wave washing over us, carrying the love and light and healing we all need. One day, we’re all going to write a post about the same things and publish them on the same day. Then we’ll know something is up! And I haven’t read it, but I know I would love it. I wrote it down and will find it.

  2. Excellent post. I, too, have that book and used to read it quite regularly. Another powerful book on that subject is Eckhart Tolle’s THE POWER OF NOW and I’m so glad Oprah did so much with that book.
    I, too, tell myself to BE HERE NOW when I get way too emotional about anything and that’s pretty regularly since I have no trouble being a drama queen!
    BE HERE NOW and BE STILL and KNOW THAT I AM GOD are two very powerful statements of awareness and will lead us to the love and peace which unites us all.

    • You are so right on! The Power of Now was too intellectual for my not-all-together mind, but maybe I’ll borrow your copy of Be Here Now someday. I really loved that book and could certainly, after nearly forty years, use a refresher course. Thanks for your insight, Anita. I appreciate it very much. Love you.

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