The Quiet Whisper of Awakening, A Guest Post by Michael Brine

By Michael Brine

NOTE: This post was written by Michael Brine in response to a friend expressing a considerable mistrust of certain others, and the fact that what we think and believe draws back to us those very same elements.

Thank you for your sharing your sense of mistrust, my friend. It all boils down to Awareness, Awareness, Awareness. Opportunities come and go, and like a dog I sniff the air–put my nose to the ground and follow a particular scent–check it out–piss on the odd tree–and then move on, or not. It all boils down to Awareness. There is no room for me to distrust or be in state of fear–only for compassion at how much unawareness there is, part of the sad conditioning of sick civilisations that are in need of undressing and throwing away their soiled clothes–spreading their arms out–welcoming the breeze of Love that now can begin to caress them in a warm embrace. Until they can trust enough to risk ‘undressing’–exposing their vulnerability WITH AWARENESS–mistrust will continue to be the influence that will cause us to bow our heads and weep.

We only have to look at Iran and its pathetic leaders to see the seeds of distrust once again sickening humanity into another ocean of despair, and once again we see ‘religion’ as the precursor, indeed, the cursor and the cause. Once again history repeats itself, and we have learned nothing. OR, have we?

There is a ‘Cleansing’ about to take place the likes of which we have never seen on this Earth before. In the meantime we–those who have Awareness–must sit on the sidelines and watch in sadness as the amputations of the heart casts its shadow of fear over the human family.

When the storm has passed–there will be a silence across the lands and oceans the likes of which have never been experienced. Then, slowly, a slight breeze will begin to caress–and like a quiet whisper, the time of ‘Awakening’ will have arrived. That will be our cue.

In the meantime find peace within yourself and trust who you are, for you are me and I you, and the embrace will go out to enfold us all after the storm. Storms are cleansing–remember how fresh the air is after one? Remember? And so it will be.

Be well.

11 thoughts on “The Quiet Whisper of Awakening, A Guest Post by Michael Brine

    • It perhaps should have been made more clear that this e-mail was resoponding to someone who was expressing considerable mistrust of certain others and that very fact will draw to him/her those very same elements. What we put out we draw back to ourselves – Agree? Michael.

      • PS – I have just realised that you were more than likely referring to the last part of my writing. The paragraph that starts after the refrence to Iran – from there to the end – were words ‘given’ to me and came through me and were not OF me. Does that answer you more clearly? Michael.

  1. Sounds very good to me. I do believe that we simply need to hold on to our spiritual beliefs and practice them and not let mistrust or fear enter into the picture.

  2. “Clean, Erase, Erase and find your shang-ri-la, the peace that is “I”; the peace that is “I” am; the peace that is within”. [Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len. Current Master Self “I”-Dentity Through Ho’oponopono]

    While I agree there will be a cleansing and it will happen soon I think we are always aware and never aware. We are always on a journey and we (the collective and individual we) never get it wrong. This would encompass the leadership in Iran as well as Mother Theresa.
    The conscious mind processes 40+- bits of information/second. The sub and superconscious process, give or take, 11 million bits of information/second. The conscious mind doesn’t have a clue but the ego does it’s best to make us think so thereby pinching off our connection to source energy. Trust your inner child, your direct connection to source energy.
    Love the leadership of Iran as if they were your children. The cleansing will come only from the power of love.
    It requires only the square root of 1% of a given population to be in the feeling of love to affect positive change. Feeling sad for those who are downtrodden, abused or otherwise disconnected from spirit attracts more disconnect. See the gifts in pain and suffering and love yourself to the point of spilling over on to everyone around you and in your thoughts. That is how this cleansing will happen and, the good news is, it is right around the corner. Feel it coming?
    Thanks, Michael for the opportunity to rant.

    • Wow! Thank you so much for your message of love. Your comment, ‘coincidentally’ applies to my We’re All in This Together Post, too. Love IS the answer and it is something we need to let permeate our hearts and minds, so that the healing will come for everyone.
      Pam B

    • “Rant” away my friend – We are all in this “Garden” together – weeds and all ! 🙂 Michael.

  3. Interesting … I think many will be surprised, even the ones who believe they are aware will be surprised, at how much they have missed.

    • I was just thinking about that (!), about how vast infinite wisdom must be, and that no matter how far up the spiritual ladder we climb, there is always so much more to experience. We really do struggle in this three-dimensional world, don’t we? It makes me wish we had a fairy-godmother-ego-banisher who would wave her magic wand and we’d all be healed, never to struggle again. I’m not seeing into infinity yet but I have lived long enough to realize that we each must choose our paths–the light or the dark–and that with free will, this is the way it has to be. And that it’s all going to be okay–it will all work itself out somehow. Thanks for your thought-provoking comment.

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