Dream Face-Off

“Oh, yeah?” “YEAH!”

Sometime in the first week of February I had this dream:

I was looking around inside a house when I heard a voice. I listened and realized a woman was chanting in a language I did not understand; I could feel the effects of the chant and they were ill-intentioned. I went into a room and around a corner to confront her. She was a short, heavyset Hispanic woman and was surprised by my sudden appearance. She began to fiercely chant in my direction. I extended my arms with the palms of my hands facing her and she jumped back. (In the movies, fire comes out of the wizard’s hands, but this felt like eyes were in my palms, measuring her.) As I moved toward her, I spoke, “Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ.” She backed up and I awoke.

My therapist once told me a dream-theory that we, or aspects of ourselves, play all the characters in our dreams. This idea doesn’t seem to work for my prophetic dreams, but I realized this morning that it was true for this dream. The heavyset Hispanic woman represents my shadow, my dark-self. This is where we are now, she and I, older women, facing each other, two halves of a whole, contemplating unity. Her dark chants were meant to affect my mood and they did, as is obvious in some of my recent posts.

My shadow and I have always faced off, with one or the other moving away. I think the time is coming though when we will move toward each other for a ‘getting-to-know-you’ period, a ‘May I walk in your shoes for a moment?’ phase. And then, somehow, with the help of the angels, we will accept each other enough to transform from two halves into one whole being.


10 thoughts on “Dream Face-Off

  1. That’s really interesting… I’ve never thought of dreams like that, but for your dream that definitely makes sense.

    And I like what you said at the end… about becoming one with your “shadow.” Makes me curious about how I would describe my own…

    • You know, if you really want to know, you will see your shadow in your dreams. I ran like crazy from mine for 35 years and I feel like I wasted a lot of energy, because all I had to do is turn around and look at it. Our shadow selves can appear as our worst nightmares, so it takes courage to stop and see what’s there. I guess I finally just gave in, or realized that I also had a dream-self made of light–and that’s what we NEED to know. I think you may know this already.:)
      Dreams also serve to help us release stress (which is where the wild, disturbing, wacky dreams come from). I once read that people who don’t sleep and therefore don’t dream can lose their minds; I guess stress-releasing is a must! They also serve to teach us about what is most important to us, help us to solve problems (inspirations) or show us what is to come. We can also go the astral world when asleep–some people can do this on purpose–I can’t. I think I’m still too big of a chicken! My best to you.

  2. The Shadow in a dream often gives you advice that you don’t want to hear. So it is helpful to force yourself, in your dream, to listen to the words of your Shadow and to ask yourself what it is about them that bothers you.

  3. I’m wondering if its possible to be in harmony with our “dark” self. Our mind represents all our experiences, fears and instincts and it contains our dark self. But our true spiritual selves are way above our minds. I believe that letting go of our minds can lead us the awareness of our own spirituality. 🙂

    • You know, I don’t really know. I feel like my “dark” self has been chasing me forever, and then I saw her and realized that she was chasing me because I was running from her. At least for me, my becoming whole will have to do with some kind of merger. We should all follow the path we are drawn toward, because that is our path. I very much appreciate your comments, because they give us more to think about. Thank you.

  4. Walter Adena has a point. Our spiritual self IS above our mind and emotions and maybe we need to just ‘observe’ the dark side, acknowledge it and it’ll go.

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