Behind Closed Doors

I apologize for this post. Most of the time, I remain hopeful for a brighter, more enlightened, kinder future for us and our planet. I believe it is possible for our world to be at peace, to be a place where no children starve, where everyone has clean water, shelter and an education, with hopes and dreams that become realities during their lifetimes. Where every person’s rights are equal and all of us are respected as human beings who have soul-driven purposes to fulfill during our lives. But today is not one of those days.

We humans are stuck in the muck. Not just in America, the home of the super-stuck, but all around the world. Like the egomaniacal dictators suppressing/murdering their people and/or jostling for nuclear weapons so they can pound their chests and fluff their feathers; and terrorists with extreme warring-beliefs they credit to God. Last but not least are the wealthy elite who control the world’s monetary systems and work behind locked doors making decisions based on the best ways to increase their own wealth. I had believed our (American) stock market crashed in 2008 due to manipulation of ‘financial instruments’ by the wealthy. But I keep asking myself, ‘Why destroy the system that creates your wealth?’

I looked up democracy this morning: ‘A country with a government that has been elected freely and equally by all its citizens.’ But elections can be secretly manipulated by the powers in charge, or openly manipulated through billions of dollars of advertising (as in America) by the wealthy. I also looked up republic: ‘A political system with elected representatives to exercise power for people with collective interests.’ Are we a democracy and/or republic if our representatives pass laws to protect themselves, their wealth, their families, with no regard for citizens? Where even Supreme Court justices misuse their constitutional powers to protect the wealthy (who are themselves)?

What does happen behind Washington, DC’s closed doors? Are they the top of the pyramid, or pawns of those who are? Is there is a plan to take America from us? And why? For the land and what can be produced? To make us slaves? (Don’t laugh. That is how so much wealth was created in the South before African-Americans were granted their freedom. And working for minimum wage could be called slave labor. For those who are snorting at the idea, I’d like to suggest you give up all you have to a worthy organization and go to work for the next couple years at the minimum wage. Let me know what you think then.)

Why do our elected representatives talk and talk, but only snakes come out of their mouths?


12 thoughts on “Behind Closed Doors

  1. Unfortunately, there is an ILUMINATI that is at work, steadily, consistently, purposefully and, it seems successfully. And, unfortunately, so many are in politics to mainly enrich their own coffers.
    I still think that, despite all that, we need to be LIGHTBEARERS and continue to do all we can and follow that still inner voice in its promptings. Thank goodness we are not responsible for all of the world’s misdeeds as we stay the course.
    So let’s just dig in our heels deeper and re-dedicate ourselves to dispel the darkness with our light.

  2. Don’t apologize for this post; it’s okay to be frustrated at the way things are sometimes… well, it’s more than okay. Sometimes it’s essential. I think the world would be a better place if more people asked the questions.

    • Thank you for your comment. I am generally non-confrontational, but there is something inside me that every now and then can’t believe what is happening. It’s like the Emperor and No Clothes story. Why do we look the other way?

      • I think most of the time because it’s easier… It’s more convenient and makes us more comfortable (or so we convince ourselves.) Denial and ignorance are very strong things.

        • I agree. It’s denial until we’re pushed out of our boxes. I think we’re being pushed now. And ignorance–who among us understands what is really happening to our economy, to the world economy? It’s scary to leave it all to those who don’t care about us. Thank you for commenting here.

  3. sometimes the kindest thing to do is to confront and fight. There’s a lot of ignorance and greed in this world and we can’t just wish or pray it away. It’s important to speak up, but it’s also important to do do it from a place of love, as you do Pam, lest we become that which we fight. I call it “enlightened action.”

    • You are right, of course. Thank you, Sven; we are guided through enlightened action. It’s time for one of your soul-inspired pieces–and I think enlightened action is a very good subject! Help! Help! Help!

  4. Yes, it’s a good subject I think. In astrological terms, I think of enlightened action as the 12th house / 1st house axis, like we’re coming back into the world with childlike rigor but with the knowledge and wisdom of having gone through the whole cycle before and having learned and accepted that ultimately we’ll all have to let go of this life and that it’s okay. This way we’re free to fight for peace and justice, but without the ego attachments.

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