What is Your Purpose?

Who Are You Meant to Be?

Have you ever been so deeply involved in what you were doing that you lost track of time? This happens to me when I’m in the ‘creating art’ mode. I’ll be working and look up, notice the clock and that several hours have passed, when it felt like ten minutes. And it often happened to me when I was writing my novel. In fact, some days I’d open the file and read what I wrote last time and think, Okay, who’s been using my computer? 🙂 The experts call this being ‘in the flow,’ so immersed in the creative moment that all else disappears. No time, no worries, no have-to’s, just BEING. A wise friend once told me this ‘flowing’ is not as much about the final product as it is an experience of healing for the artist. “Well, thank you very much,” I said, “but there is a lot of satisfaction from having completed a work of art.” She said she understood, but insisted the process was equally as important. “It brings out what is within.” It must be the same, if not more so, for musicians, because music is the universal language.

I think this ‘flowing’ is where we’re all meant to be, all the time, and that people can become sick if they never get to stop thinking and just ‘be in the moment.’ We’re not meant to be who or what other people tell us we should be; we’re meant to fulfill our purpose for being born. Oftentimes our purpose shows up when we’re children. I was always reading. My mom says from the time I could sit up steadily, I’d put magazines on the floor in front of me and turn the pages like I was reading them. What an image! That was definitely a sign that I would grow up and love to read, and the other side of the coin, to write. I still wish I could write stories that touch the heart the way Charlotte’s Web and Little Women touched mine.

What did you love to do as a kid?


7 thoughts on “What is Your Purpose?

  1. I’ve been there so often and it’s such a blessing…most of the time. Last weekend, however, my husband had to run to Home Depot for a part (he was installing a new faucet). He asked me to watch a bucket that was catching draining water. I got “in the flow” with my writing and so did the water!!! I flooded the kitchen. :0)

    • Now, THAT’s flowing in-the-flow. I definitely grant you the Most Flowing Writer Award. Um, how did your husband flow with the moment? Thanks for sharing this great moment.

  2. I believe that I used to get totally lost in playing & then reading. These days I can’t believe I’ve spent hours working on my pictures and making greeting cards. And having a good time at dances and parties also still does that for me as well as meditation and prayer.
    I reckon that, like you said, it goes back to ‘being in the moment’ and outside of time and space.

    • You’re right, having fun is a great way to be in the moment! I miss having all that fun, but I have so many wonderful memories. Thanks for the reminder and get out there and have some fun!

  3. I used to love playing made up games with my brother. We lived in our imaginations when we were kids, which is a habit I’ve never been able to kick 🙂

  4. Yes my “in the moment” time was definitely being lost in a good story. Now that has translated to when I find the words in my head and heart flow and spill luxuriously onto the paper or the screen. I see in my girls too their innate talents and it is sometimes difficult to take a back seat and let them drive their own journey of discovery. Thank you Pam for the thought provoking post ! oxox Colleen

    • Hi Colleen,
      I’ve learned (the hard way:)) with my strong-minded children to simply drop idea-seeds around and to accept that what takes root (if anything) is what’s meant to be. I have always let them choose their own path with everything, even religion, figuring it’s far better for them to go where they are called, rather than where I pushed them. Then my middle son, who will play college football again in the fall, said to me last year (after a bad concussion) that he wished I had forced him to stay in Little League (baseball)! I wish I had, too! So, don’t ask me. (Where’s that parenting handbook again?) I guess we all find our way, eventually.:)
      Thanks so much for coming by. xoxo Pam

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