It’s Up to You

I just checked. Two hundred thirty-one posts have been published here since last June, nineteen by guests and 212 by me, all well-intentioned. But it’s been over six months since I wrote the About Me post, in which I say, “Take from this blog what feels right to you and ignore the rest.” I need to say it again because as sincere as I and my guests are about this writing, all we know is what is in our hearts and minds. There are some great spiritual bloggers online, hoping to plant little seeds within you, a spark here or there, an invitation to consider delving deeply within yourself—but it is you who must navigate your path, following your heart, no matter where it takes you, because this is why you were born.

I guess writing is part of my life-purpose after all, but I had to be wrestled and pinned before I would give up, before I would open up. We all have this to some degree, the being tempted by whatever it is in life that keeps us occupied and not delving deeply within. I’m still confused about why. I mean, I know it’s our individual egos, but ego equals pain, because ‘me-me-me-I-want-you-I-want-it’ is not our natural state. Our natural state is loving, calm, centered, giving, peace-making; this way of being is our true home. Why do we, so much of the time, choose the not-natural way, which is the hard way?

Yet, we each must take our own path, ego and all (or not), because it is we who choose our parents, the time and place of our birth, the style in which we are raised, and how we deal with all of life. Not everyone believes this, or believes in God—and that’s okay. It’s also okay to believe God is a field of energy, and/or to follow the teachings of one (or more) of the handful of great spiritual teachers who’ve appeared on Earth. In being who we are, we may disappoint or thrill our parents or other members of our society, but, either way, we’re not them—we’re ourselves. We gotta do what we gotta do, but utilizing a bit of discernment along the way is a very good thing.