A New Year, A New Way

I haven’t made New Year’s resolutions for many years because, though I do feel excitement about the fresh start, I never kept them. But, I have plans anyway.  To be a better person, for sure. To sincerely meditate more, whether it is quietly sitting while observing my thoughts, or walking, communing with nature, or listening to soothing music. For me, collage-art has been a form of meditation, although sometimes I am more like a mad person slapping pieces of paper to card stock. And, of course, there is

the writing. I had been so dormant for so long that to be given a ‘job’ to write about how much God loves us is a blessing so great I am unable to measure it.

And, I will continue to pray for all of us. Of course I pray for individuals, but I want to pray more for our planet and all of us, that the veil covering our eyes will fall away, and we will learn who we really are, where we come from and where we are going. I am excited about the future—though we may suffer through hard times for a while longer—for ultimately, all this is happening for us, not against us. The cries of our souls have been heard; the answer, Love, is growing and expanding to include everyone. We live in very exciting times, the time of a shift in consciousness, from a level of existing in selfishness to a level of inclusiveness, where all of us will become acutely aware of how much we are loved.

Let’s make this new year the best it can be, even if it is hard, even if our obligations get to us. It is not about only me, or only you. It is about all of us together.


2 thoughts on “A New Year, A New Way

  1. I, too, plan to meditate more this year than I did last year. I noticed that when I meditate less, I am less connected spiritually. And when I meditate more, I am in the flow of life and no conflict between time spent with husband, family and friends. With meditation, decisions come from the heart and not the head.
    I’ll also be cleaning one room in my home each Saturday. Have been procrastinating in that department,
    Will continue my attitude of gratitude and BRACELET REVOLUTION And I will definitely remember that it’s about all of us together.

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