Taking Stock, Making Plans, Being Better People

What’s important on this last day of the year? Taking stock of the previous 365 days is a good place to start. What caused the rough spots? (I lost my job due to the downturn in the economy, or my drinking negatively affected my family.) What were my successes? (I didn’t take my worries out on my spouse and children, or I found a new job right away because of skills learned from my hobby, or I joined AA to quit drinking.)

And, having some kind of plan for the coming year is key to positive change. Do you need more education for a new career? Make an appointment with a school counselor and find out how to apply for financial aid. If you have a job, be grateful, for you are blessed. Were you saving money every month for a down payment on a house, or as a backup-fund in case your job is lost? Keep at it, even if it’s only $25 a month. Many of us want to lose weight and we start off well, but give up pretty early on. What would make this goal, or other goals, real and lasting? (If you figure this one out, could you let me know what it is?):)

Most important of all for increasing the quality of our lives is to be better people. One way is to learn from example. Who do we know that has good relationships with others? Why are their relationships good? Another way is to identify our motives. Are they selfish, or inclusive? Are we honest with ourselves and others about our intentions? Are we supportive of our significant others and our friends? Are we compassionate with our family members? Do we give of ourselves in some way? Can we expand our perspectives to include concern for the health of our planet, which provides for us all that we need to live? These are all ways to do the right thing, to take the higher road, to transform our lives with love. Grow, love, grow!

God bless you and your loved ones in the New Year, this new decade, and beyond.


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  1. Happy New Year, Pam. May all your dreams be dreamed consciously, and may you continue to bless us with your gentle soul and beautiful words!


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