Knowing and Living Your Joy

I hope you, dear reader, were able to enjoy some kind of Christmas/holiday celebration yesterday. If not, do not despair. You can now use the time you have until next Christmas to decide what is important to you. If it is a more meaningful, connected life, ask the best part of you, your higher self, for help in identifying what makes you deeply happy. Knowing and living your joy is why you were born and what you are meant to do; this often means building supportive relationships with others.

Of course, we can all arrive on earth and live without finding our soul-purpose, but this is only a partial experience. For the real thing, to make a difference in the lives of others (something we are all meant to do), we ‘follow our bliss,’ as the old saying goes. Career advisors often ask, “What did you love as a kid?” I always had my nose in a book, and now I’m writing. And connecting with others through this writing makes me deeply happy.

If you are not able to do what you loved to do as a kid, can you teach it to others? What are the things you’ve come upon and thought, “Wow, I wish I could do that”? Does this require a specific education? If you’ve always thought you couldn’t afford to attend college, banish that thought. Start with a counselor at your local community college. Find out what’s involved in earning a two- or four-year degree. Ask about Pell Grants. I recently saw a billboard with a picture of a 90-year-old woman who had just graduated from college. There is always a way forward because God intends for us to find our purpose for being, our joy in life. Don’t allow negative talk from others, or the media’s focus on gloom to affect you in any way. When you sincerely desire to find your ‘true path’ in life, you will. God bless you really, really big in 2010.:)


One thought on “Knowing and Living Your Joy

  1. Methinks that pleasure is an experience of the senses and joy is an experience of the spirit. When my mother was still alive, and we were “Holy Rollers” (I used to make fun of them til I became one, for a while), we would be overcome with joy, it seemed to bubble out of our bellies and we would just about explode in laughter. And it was contageous. This might not be what Pam is talking about, but the joy of the Lord is your strength. And there were times, when Gloria, Pam and I worked on the newspaper when joy would hit and we’d get the laughter and the giggles. And it definitely is immensely satisfying to get God’s joy when doing His Will, when fulfilling His purpose, when we do what gladdens our heart. Methinks that joy is the outcome of reaching out and touching others from the heart. We all have a purpose in life, which gives us this joy, and blessed are those that found it and live it, as well as the seekers, for they shall find it as well.

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