Twins–One Light and One Dark

Two Halves of One Whole

Merry-almost-Christmas! I was out yesterday mingling with the shoppers and was pleasantly surprised by how crowded it was. In years past, I would have complained about this, but I was happy for the optimism of the people around me and hope that this is a sign of a strengthening economy. If it’s not, it is at least a sign of strengthening Americans. No matter what happens in 2010, we are survivors and we will get through it.

When it comes to remembering movies, I have ‘selective memory,’ as my son calls it, so bear with me, please, if I’ve mixed this story up a bit. Did you ever see a movie called Twins? It starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, who were the result of lab experiments on human DNA. Arnold received everything good and light and beautiful and the best of educations, while poor Danny got the leftovers, all things bad and dark and not-so-beautiful, and grew up to become a petty criminal and a used-car-salesman (I think).

When Arnold discovers he has a brother, he leaves his isolated and idyllic home to find him. The ways of the world are a complete shock to him and he stands out like a knight in shining armor. Eventually Arnold finds his brother, who teaches him the ways of the world, and Danny is transformed by the love of his brother who sees only the good in him.

And that’s how it is with us and God. When the baby boy called Jesus was born into this world over two-thousand years ago, so was an infinite capacity for Love, and the Light that shines upon our world took physical root. While it sometimes appears that evil rules our world, when Christ was born, everything changed. Miraculously, the impact of his willingness to birth the Light on earth, to teach us how to live with God, and then to ‘love his neighbors,’ even as they tortured and killed him, remains with us. If it didn’t, our world would already have fallen into darkness.

God is like Arnold in the movie Twins. All He/She can see in us is good: the kindness, the willingness to suffer for others, our capacity to love and give, to be there when we’re needed. God created the Danny DeVito part of us, too, the part that navigates this world and makes it, no matter what. When we come to love the ‘Danny’ part of ourselves, to accept that part of ourselves, just as God does, we will become two halves of one whole, and through our way of living, we will help Jesus Christ hold the Light on earth until the time that all are healed by Love.


4 thoughts on “Twins–One Light and One Dark

  1. I’ve seen the movie as well but you remember it better than I do.
    I’ve read several times that evil is the absence of good, just as darkness is the absence of light. And I reckon that the part of us that is in darkness will be there til it’s replaced by the light. It’s just a matter of time – and we do have eternity, even if not in this body.
    And, yes, God does love us unconditionally and is aware of the end result since he’s outside of time and space.
    It’s too bad that we learn so late in life not to suiffer from shame and guilt as well as mistakes we all make in our learning process. It’s too bad that we are so hard on ourselves on don’t get gentle til we just about get feeble.
    Oh, well, reckon that that, too, is part of the learning process – to be kind and gentle with others as well as oursevles.

  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – a year fill with happiness, love, success and an abundance of opportunities to do better.

    Stay healthy and Happy holidays. !!!

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