Be a Light

Wouldn’t the story of our lives on Earth be quite the bestseller if someone could write it? We humans have so many crises in our lives, everything from teen girls, their competition and their boyfriends, to the life-changing tragedies of the illness and death of our children or spouses. We’ve got intrigue all the way from the PTA to the CIA. We’ve got the dream of romance; don’t you love all the perfume commercials before Christmas, as if we spray them on and suddenly we find ourselves in a bedroom in an alluring piece of lingerie with the man we dream of from the pages of a romance novel? We humans have all the excitement of a fantasy novel with the real life battles between good and evil for control of our planet, and the sci-fi promises of robotics, cloning and super-self-aware-computers. This is quite the stage we live on!

What’s important, though, is to remember that as hard or as exciting as life can be, the way we live now is only a shadow of what is possible. It is pretty dark in our world right now. I guess we could choose to make it even darker, but can you imagine, instead, a world at peace with everyone helping everyone else? In this December season of hope and miracles, why not crack open the doors to our hearts and let a little love and light in? Glowing like light bulbs, spreading love, is how we will heal ourselves and our planet.


2 thoughts on “Be a Light

  1. Some of my friends think I’m ‘silly’ for striving to totally stop myself from being negative during driving, playing card games, etc. But I feel that if I am to make a difference in this world, then I should fight negativity in all forms.
    How can I possibly be a light unto the world when I hurl negative words and thoughts at loved ones and strangers while I’m driving a car, being a passenger in a car or playing a card game?
    And so I continue my quest to be a lamp on the path rather than a stumbling block, as I hope that these little improvements will add up to my becoming a brighter light in the future.

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