Blessed on Thanksgiving

It’s the official day to be thankful and I am. I hope you are, too, and that if you’re among those who lost their homes this year, as my brother and his wife did, that you can sit quietly and close your eyes and know that everything happens for a reason and, if you will allow it, that your life is yet full of potential. Our true homes are inside us, where love abides. I tell my children ‘Home is wherever your Mom is,’ but the truth is, our hearts connect us each to the Source of Love and Life, our Creator, and that when we’re connected there, we’re home no matter where we are or what is happening.

These last couple of years have made us all realize what is important. My children and I had to move in 2005 when, due to my illness, we were forced to sell our home. It was sad and a shock at the time, but four years later, we’re so grateful for each other and for the love in our family. My daughter and I live in a small apartment on very little money, but we feel blessed to have a home. We see homeless people in our community—it was 26 degrees last night—and are very grateful for the roof over our heads. I pray for homeless people and hope to see in my lifetime a country full of compassion and understanding for others, in which everyone is valued and has a home.

From my walks, seashells, angel globe and Jesus candle

The picture above is of the little gifts from nature that I have collected on my walks with Max. The one to the right show my nature-collection, and other treasures. They remind me every day that I am blessed. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


6 thoughts on “Blessed on Thanksgiving

  1. So many people have lost their jobs and homes this year. My heart goes out to them and I can only hope that they will be able to turn these lemons into lemonade. Americans are very resourceful. Some friends and family members have learned new job skills, others have found many ways of cutting their expenses and still others are realizing that people are more important than things.
    I thank God for having created the universe, for His love, for having created me as well as my family and friends. I thank Him for all my blessings and ask to be a blessing, and I lift up those in need all the while aware that those in need are also on their path but I wish to assist in removing their obstacles.
    Wishing y’all a wonderful THANKS-GIVING,

  2. Similarly but for different reasons, I have been forced to “downsize” my life this year, selling or gifting most of my possessions. The whole experience has ignited in my daughters a much greater appreciation for how hard I work as a mother to give them every opportunity to experience a diversity of opportunities in their life. We are truly blessed.

    • Colleen,
      I didn’t know you were in the midst of downsizing. You truly are a trooper-extraordinaire.
      It’s very hard for children to understand what their parents do to care for them. After my eldest left for college, on a visit back home, he kept hugging and thanking me and telling me I was a goddess. How I loved that! It’s good for them to learn and your daughters are apparently learning this earlier than mine have.
      Do you have a Thanksgiving holiday in Austrailia? Ours is a bit unique: Hungry Europeans invited to dine with the Native Americans, then other ones returning the favor by wiping the natives out. But, it is a day of thanksgiving for us Americans and does cause us to stop and count our blessings.
      Thank you for commenting, Colleen. I really appreciate it.

      • How lovely your son recognised you in that way Pam. No, Thanksgiving is not a tradition in Australia. Though we should. We have a terrible relationship with our Indigenous Australians, the Aborigines, that is still incredibly based on many, many misconceptions and prejudices. I see a lot of it in northern Australia where I live. I don’t know if you could access the movie “Rabbit- Proof Fence.” I am hopeful you could. It is directed by Phillip Noyce and shows a much less glorified version of Australian hisotry than the more recent film “Australia.” Anyway, I’m rambling….but I hope your Thanksgiving holiday is joyous and fulfilling.

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