God, My Friend

Cosmic Christ 1.75 x 2I remember the first time I read something the great spiritual guide from India, Paramahansa Yogananda, had written, in which he spoke of Jesus Christ as his Friend. Friend—as in someone you can lean on and who loves you, who cares for your welfare—someone who’s got your back. This struck a chord deep within me, for I wanted God to be my friend. I wanted to walk through life, my arm linked with His, having genuine conversations about healing my missteps, finding my soul’s purpose, and how to know life’s deepest truths. I wanted, needed, God to be my loving buddy, not a fire-breathing, sword-wielding, sin payer-backer. Jesus did knock over the bazaar tables at the temple, because temples and churches are meant for worship, but mostly he spoke of love and peace and forgiveness. He taught, “Go about the business of your life, but carry your Father, who loves you, in your heart wherever you are.” I’ve dreamed about Jesus Christ, being a person in the crowds following Him, His words swelling my heart until I thought it would burst. I wish we understood Him better–He did not come to Earth to cause separation. I wish we better understood all the great spiritual teachings, for their messages are the same: God is Love. We are One.

Paramahansa Yogananda, a man from India, cracked open the door to my heart by introducing me to Jesus Christ as my Friend, which eventually led to my love-awakening this year, when I realized how much God loves us all, all six-billion+ of us, not one to be turned away from Love’s Home. Fear not, for God is your Friend.



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  1. I used to like to think of God as my Father, especially since my father was killed in WWII when I was only threeand God was the only source of strength and comfort I had. And I still like to think of Him as the Father that wants only the best for his daughter. I think of Jesus as my Savior. It’s also His gentle and loving teaching that attracts me to Him. As much as I accept the Eastern teaching’s of detachment, I continue to be drawn to Jesus’ great love and compassion which will eventually, bring everyone HOME.

  2. Well, I guess this would be a good place for me to leave a comment on your website. I’ll try to be brief. I’m a devotee of Paramahansa Yogananda since 1974. It’s not a “special” thing. I mean it is, but not a bragging thing. It’s just good for me to say it, and not feel intimidated to confess it.

    Before I found this post I was looking at your Sri Chinmoy link. I have known about him almost as long!

    My haiku writing is a spiritual practice for me, a daily practice. Like your writing, too! Of course I have the spiritual disciplines of yoga, but have been having some difficulty with them for a while. I have physical issues, too. But mostly I’ve been having ego issues. LOL!

    I liked your post because I do my best to see God as my friend.

    For me, it’s more of an Eastern path. I don’t have a problem with Jesus at all, though. (other than the egoity having a problem with just about anything in its path on some days!) No, I shouldn’t say that. I’m to a place where words are best left unsaid. It’s to the “be still and know that I am God” place, for me.

    Sort of a paradox, since I write all the haiku. LOL!

    Anyway, you have a very nice website here, which is short version of my post!!!

    • I love Paramahansa Yogananda so much–has any being ever loved God so much? Love literally oozes from his words, pictures, books, everything! I have all the lessons, but unfortunately, have always been so self-critical that I was not able to follow that path. I have his picture hanging in my home, though, because I love and admire him so much. When I first got sick in 1997, and I was so down mentally, I mentioned the lessons to the doctor, and she ordered me to stop reading them! Her reaction makes me laugh now when I look back at that.
      I have always been undisciplined, so you’re right, this writing is a discipline for me, a time to open up. It figures that your haiku is a spiritual discipline, because that comes through–your commitment and insight. I love Jesus Christ, but am not a fundamental Christian; my beliefs are more universal, I hope. Spirit is Spirit!
      I can see the teachings in your mentions of your ego, which do require a certain vigilance. Don’t worry–your commitment is so true and clear; we all have plateaus. Thank you for such a nice comment and I’m going to make a link to your blog right now. 🙂

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