Is Your Mind Open?

Open MindI was thinking this morning about how short our lives are and how little time we have to really figure out the important stuff. From the day we’re born we’ve set ourselves on a journey that is, to some degree, predestined, in that we choose our lives. Our souls know why we’ve chosen this life: What do we need to learn? How will we go about it? I think we’ve all reincarnated as tyrants and psychopaths and caregivers and healers, and every other possible expression of humanity, simply to answer those two questions.

I like the division of a standard tarot card deck: 22 Major cards and 56 Minor cards. The 22, about one-third of the deck, have to do with what we chose for this lifetime, our destinies; and the remaining 56 cards, about two-thirds of the deck, represent our power of choice. Haven’t you wondered, ‘What if I had done this instead of that?’ Every choice we’ve made changed our direction in some way. Our experience of life does make for some fascinating stories.

What’s important is to know that we can, at any time, start over. The hard part for us humans is opening our minds. It’s that simple. I can remember three occasions as my daughter grew up when she told me, “I CAN’T DO IT,” but when I reiterated that all she had to do was open her mind—and she did—not only could she do it, she seemed to tap into some universal source of information. Suddenly, she knew more than she needed to know, all three times. That’s how it is with everything in life. We’re already here, so we may as well open our minds and learn how to make the best of it.

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2 thoughts on “Is Your Mind Open?

  1. The title of this blog reminds me of the saying that some people’s minds are so open their brains fell out. I must admit that I’m not as openminded as I could be despite the fact that I’ve had to make numerous paradigm shifts in my life and that I will most likely continue to do so.
    Thanks, Pam for giving me something ELSE to work on. LOL.

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