Flying Lessons

Flying LessonIf I were to die tomorrow, I’d have wanted to tell my children these things today:

First, God is love, and only goodness and beauty and grace come from love. We humans have created, through the misuse of free will, all the darkness in the world. We must choose oneness with God to cleanse ourselves and the world.

Second, be yourself. Accept who you are. Don’t compare yourself to others. You are not them; you are you. You are not here to please anyone else: Follow your heart. Love who you are. It’s okay, even good, to work at being a better person, but because God is love, and we are love-cells on God’s body, we must love ourselves just as we are to become the best human being we can be. This is my most hard-won life lesson.

Third, forgive yourself for every mistake you’ve ever made, period. When we forgive ourselves, we’re applying God’s love to ourselves. Then, forgive everyone else for everything ever done or not done that harmed you, one at a time, or however feels good to you. Every hurt that needs forgiving exists as a shadow on our souls and as we forgive, we become lighter and lighter. I have used a specific forgiveness technique from J. Everett Irion that has changed my life. It is linked here in three posts, Forgiveness, Forgiveness II and Forgiveness III.

, put your trust in God and be open to other people and experiences. There’s a wonderful, magical mix of people and places on our planet just waiting to be explored and known. Realize how much alike we humans are. In life, we all need to love and be loved, a peaceful shelter for ourselves and families, healthy food, and an education that opens and grows our minds and hearts. Expand your horizons.

Fifth, banish fear. Every time you feel fear, say to it, “You’re not the boss of me! Scram, fear!” Breathe deeply, think of someone or something really marvelous, and tell fear to get lost as many times as you need to. Fear is the Great Pretend-Forecaster. Fear cannot tell us the truth, because it doesn’t care about the truth. It’s job is to make us afraid—the very opposite of what God wants for us.

Sixth, let others be right, too. And agree to disagree at times. Don’t sweat the small stuff—spend your life-energy on the people and matters that are important to you. Be kind and cooperative as much as possible. Don’t waste resources, yours or the planet’s.

If any other important life-lessons come to me, I’ll add them in another post. And if you, dear reader, would like to share any of yours, please put them in a comment box, tell me how you want your insights signed, and I’ll post them here at NAtP. Thank you!


6 thoughts on “Flying Lessons

  1. What an EXCELLENT blog. I hope you don’t mind that I copied it and sent it to most folks on my email list. What a wonderful, loving and wise parent you are! No wonder you children are so wonderful!

  2. I may wish to add to simply lighten up. Don’t take yourself and others too seriously. Stop and smell the roses. See the humorous side of life and laugh a lot. Have fun. Be joyous and also be kind.
    Be in the moment and enjoy the moment – it’s all you have. Life is to be lived NOW – not in the past and not in the future, but NOW.
    Take time for your loved ones and don’t wait to tell them how much you love them. They may be gone tomorrow.

  3. Good advice! I think the ability to forgive — truly forgive, meaning not pretending to forgive but holding resentment in the heart — is one of the most powerful skill a human can have. If you can forgive yourself and others, you can see the world clearly. Resentment and anger creates a fog that both causes us to misjudge people and situations, and blocks us from seeing the love that permeates all of life.

    • Thank you, Scott. This is such an important point–to not pretend to ourselves that we have forgiven, but to truly forgive. I’m adding this to an advice post from other parents.

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