Zero Isms

3 guys sitting on beachHave you ever wondered how our Divine Creator can be everywhere all at once? I think it is because God’s essence, Love, is in everything, and this is also how we’re all connected. We truly are made of the same stuff, at one with each other and our world. Our bodies house the love-particles of us, and we can sense love in everything using our intuition. Love-particles enliven our compassion, gratitude, devotion, and our awe of the beauty and grandeur of nature.

So, what happened to us? How come we divide into non-accepting groups built around race, religion, finances, gender and country-identities? I used to think that if we got to know people of other races, religions, sexual preferences and so on, that we’d grow to love and respect each others’ differences and cultures. A little bit of exposure, however, is not enough because we instinctively gravitate toward our ‘own kind.’ And, in many cases, together with our own, we begin to tell jokes and stories about ‘the others’ and whatever good might have been accomplished can be ruined at just one gathering.

What are we to do? If we know all humans are connected as God’s children, no matter how hard it is, we will stand and face fascism, racism, religion-isms, gender-isms (and all other forms of intolerance) wherever we may be. We can say, “No. I won’t listen to those hateful words. They are not true. We are all God’s children, and we are equally imperfect.”


10 thoughts on “Zero Isms

  1. Never heard of ZERO Isms, but I like it. I also like the concept of love-particles. Did Einstein figure out that it’s love-particles that hold the universe together? He DID realize that God had something to do with it. We are ALL on this journey together until every one of us has this unconditional love thing figured out and can then go back HOME. And there are, thank goodness, soooo many ways of reaching that same goal. So let’s just pick our very own path and be on our way!

    • Thanks, Anita. Can you picture all us humans holding hands in the same moment, loving each other, healing each other and the world? Yeah, you can.
      Love you,

  2. I recall the old Roman philosopher Plotinus, who argued that all that existed was The One, and we separate from it only to the extent we have different perspectives. I think that’s key — we don’t notice our unity because each of us has a different perspective on “reality.” I think people often fear that very different perspectives might threaten their ability to hold their own perspective as “right,” and that fear makes what should be a beautiful, unified, symphony appear to be a diverse, disconnected cacaphony.

    • To threaten our own perspective? We should WANT to threaten our own perspectives because there is so much to learn. And beyond the learning, by caring about others’ perspectives, we become automatic peacemakers. Thanks, Scott!

  3. How could we possibly NOT all have our own perspectives? I see nothing wrong with diversity in perspectives as long as there is unity in love. It’s the LOVE that unites us.

  4. I don’t know if what you said could be said any better, it shoots straight to the heart of EVERYTHING. Thank you for expressing what I feel with every pore of my body, Pam. I raise my glass to ZERO Isms!

    • What a world that would be, ZERO Isms! I raise my glass to you, Sven, and your compadres who are out there on the streets tearing down the old, false Ism-walls and rebuilding lives with love and light. You are my heroes.

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