Time, Destiny and God

art-timeIsn’t the passing of time really something?Julius Caesar adopted our 12-month Gregorian calendar in 46 B.C., and this is how we have measured the passing of the days since. Many indigenous cultures and some farmers still use a 13-month, 28-day calendar, which shows the cycles of the moon. (For more information on the 13-month calendar, see: Fixed Calendar; 13 Months Plus Gregorian Dates; a 13-moon calendar within the planetary peace movement; a Gardening by the Moon calendar; and a waxing and waning cycles-of-the-moon calendar.)

Where are all the days gone by? Are they only in our memories, or do all of our memories actually exist somewhere—metaphysicians say our experiences are stored in a place called the Akashic Records, and how does that work? Can we really access a record of all of our lives? When I researched the Mayan calendars, I learned their shamans could travel within a Great Wheel of Time, where the past and future are one, to change the past for a better outcome, or into the future to foretell events.

My therapist took me back to memories of moments in my past using hypnotism so that I could see them more clearly, and to sense what I and others were feeling. Some people believe we can go back and rewrite our experiences, creating new, more positive memories. Some Eastern religions, however, teach that the only moment that exists is this moment, right NOW, and that to dwell on the past is a waste of life energy, because it no longer exists. Same with the future; worrying is also a waste of life energy, because the future doesn’t exist yet, and none of us knows for certain what will happen.

Some believe, though, that a future for each of us already exists. How can it, when we have free will to make choices? According to tarot card readers, we each have a destiny of some kind. There are 22 ‘destiny’ cards in a standard tarot deck and when these show up, the readers say it’s best to pay attention, for they have a life-significance. The remaining 56 cards are divided into four everyday suits, Enterprise, Emotions, Conflict, and the Material, and are regarded as free will cards, which are used to help guide us through specific situations. Do our individual destinies ever unite in a way that overrides our personal futures, creating a grand scenario?

There does seem to be a rhythm to life, and I believe we do choose the situations and the times we are born into. This choosing allows us, from a soul-perspective, to balance our actions in past lives with those of the present life (our destinies). The true purpose of being born as souls into bodies, overshadowing all else, is to choose to be closer to God. The most important thing we can do for ourselves is to realize that our bodies are temporary expressions of souls, and that there is much more to life than this incarnation. It is best in times such as ours to grow beyond the past as much as possible and into God’s arms, so that we need not fear the future, whatever it may bring.


6 thoughts on “Time, Destiny and God

  1. At one time, when I wondered about and read about incarnation, it was shown to me in a dream and I remember remarking “so that’s how it works”, but then my mind couldn’t grasp it after I woke up. Methinks that lifetimes are lived simultaneously since there’s no time & space in the spiritual realm.
    Although I’ve forgiven everyone, including myself, my body still holds trauma from the past & I’ll work on releasing that as I get to it.
    In the meantime, I prefer to BE HERE NOW and perform random acts of love and kindness.
    I do, however, like to console friends at the loss of their loved ones by reminding them that love and memories endure and live on.

    • Thank you, Anita. What great insights and loving acts you share with us. I, too, have wondered if we could be living lives simultaneously because of no time and space beyond this dimension. But, this is the only life I can sense or feel right now. God’s great creation is beyond my understanding! Love you, Pam

  2. Whew, I’ve been too busy lately — midterm grading, lots of fun activities…it’s a joy to catch up on your blog. Yes, I agree there is simultaneity in our lives, yet also change and choice. It’s as if there is another dimension we can’t really grasp…not space or time, but a realm where we can explore experience. I do feel that your blog and has helped me better reconnect to my spiritual side in recent months, and that feels good.

    • Wow, Scott, thank you. Having you say that this blog has helped you to reconnect to your spiritual side means a lot to me. Of course, I had hoped some of my experiences might help others, but it is gratifying to hear that it does happen. Thank you so much. And I know you’re always swamped–so it’s great to hear from you. Hope all is well.

  3. Hi Pam,

    Recently I did some regression therapy and was taken back to my earliest childhood memory, my birth, pre-birth, conception and then pre-conception. Let me tell you even in the moment I was dubious, thinking “yeah yeah…you could just be creating these memories from current experiences, knowledge, visual images etc”. Then I was asked to feel or visualize preconception and I felt the sensation of a floaty, formless being and an immense joyousness that I have never previously experienced. A warm breeze and entrancing light surrounded me. I felt that I did not want to embark on the journey into this life, knowing it was going to be hard work and subsequently I was born with a reluctance to enter this world. What’s fascinating is that I have always had a sense of “what am I doing here….who are these people…why was I born into this life ????” Particularly as a young child. Wow it blew me away. Now it makes so much sense and I understand that acceptance is a HUGE part of my spiritual journey. I am here. And I have to create the life I choose.

    I wrote a poem on my blog based on the memory of my birth called Birth of the Soul. Maybe I should write a post about it….

    • Colleen,
      My therapist took me back to before birth and being born, too. I did not want to be born, either! I hear in my head, “There are no u-turns in the birth canal.” (Always the joker.) And, yes, after I chewed on the experience for a while, I came to the same conclusion: Acceptance is the key to changing our lives. I will come over to read your poem, and I think you should write a post about it–but wow! Your experience could be a great beginning or ending to your book. Isn’t this awesome?

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