Over-Production, Over-Marketing

Boy, we sure are busy little beavers, aren’t we? Success was once measured by the fact that we had survived. Somehow, some of our ancestors managed to hunt and eat, to procreate; to deal with shelter issues and the extremes of hot and cold weather, and with enemies always on the prowl to steal their food and shelter, or worse.

Along the way, we humans settled and farming came into being and with it, barter and then the selling of goods. Our inventive minds are always at work creating better systems of production and marketing. When the industrial age was upon us, we really ramped things up: machines, chemicals, steel and skyscrapers, mass production, planes, trains and automobiles, roads, bridges, big government. Can you even picture what our land must have been like before the abandoning of farmlands and the movement into cities?

We can’t undo our very nature to create, make better, and succeed, or to mate, have children and build a life. So what happened to us? We forgot about or misunderstood our Creator. We became obsessed with our own ideas and success, growing mini-me god-complexes, pretending that we are the center of the universe, that we have the power and, responsible to none, we can fill our coffers however we want.

But the truth is, we are partners with God, co-creators only and we have no real power over anything, except that which is granted us. Every day we wake up knowing we can’t take anything with us if we become ill or are killed. Any day, we could lose a loved one or everything we have to a flood or earthquake or tornado. Life is a gift and an opportunity to remember who we really are, where we really come from and where we are going when we leave the earth. Life is simply a school of co-creation.

I can’t imagine that what has happened to us and our world is what God wanted for us. Maybe God was lonely and we were created to be companions or expressions of Him/Herself, and to be that expression, we had to have free will. Thus we were free to make the choices that so thoughtlessly created this mess of our lives and our planet. Yet, with that same free will, we can choose to change how we think, feel and act, right now. We can choose the higher road and by making that choice, we can heal ourselves, each other and the world.


4 thoughts on “Over-Production, Over-Marketing

  1. Just caught up on your recent posts — ironic one here, because this week has been unbelievably business (grading, etc.) It’s also been one where people have been getting on peoples’ nerves and as the “union rep” for the faculty union I’ve been pulled into little battles. It’s amazing to me how caught up people can get in things that really have very little material importance, let alone spiritual meaning! Whew. Anyway, it’s a nice treat on Friday afternoon to catch up on your blog…hopefully I’ll get time to doing some daily blog strolls again soon!

    • So glad you’re here, Scott. Thank you for coming by. As far as I can tell, it’s been a tough week for nearly everyone. My son broke up with his once-beloved girlfriend. My daughter and her high school boyfriend are having problems, and our apartment neighbors are fighting with new levels of rage. Something is in the air–or in the stars, I guess. I think it would be good for everyone to take some deep breaths and try to stand back from saying things we don’t mean. We’re all in this together.

  2. I drove to Mt. Shasta with my daughter this weekend where we visitd a great friend, Kimmie. She was wearing a purple bracelet and the idea is to not be critical for 21 days because that’s how long it takes to change a bad habit. I bought a ‘Kundalini bracelet’ at a store on Mt. Shasta and will not ciriticize my husband for 21 days, then I won’t swear during card games, or call other drivers names while I’m driving. It’s not much but it will up the vibes and assist in reaching for the light,

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