Been Lied To

Art-Been Lied toImagine you’d been lied to about something vitally important to your self-worth all your life—something absurd, like you are a male, yet everyone in your family told you over and over that you are a female and they had always dressed you in girl’s clothing. Or say you were born into a black family, yet every member of your family, who you look like, insisted all your life that you are as white as the blonde neighbors next door. Can you imagine your confusion and how you would never trust yourself, or anyone else, about anything?

That’s how it is with us and our world. Somehow, and I don’t know how exactly, we’re all playing a part in a confusing story that can be a nightmare, and the hero in each of us is struggling to wake up to see the real world. On some level, we all know that when enough of us wake up, the nightmare world will disappear and, as it fades away, everything, us and the ground on which we stand, will be reborn into an entirely different way of being and living—yet so much doubt remains. How did this happen, this nightmare, pretend world? And could it possibly be true that we just need to wake up?

I may not know how this craziness happened, but I do know we are made of Love and this Love has somehow been twisted into what we are today. Humans have lived through a LOT of darkness and many of us are feeling enough, already! It’s time to come home, to love and be loved, to live in peace in God’s abundant world. It’s our birthright, for we are sons and daughters of God. Can you hear His/Her voice calling, “Wake up! The time has come. Wake UP!”


2 thoughts on “Been Lied To

  1. When I was a kid, my Aunt told me that we should be careful not to swallow the seed of any fruit because it will grow inside our body and the leaves and branches will start to show in my ears, nose, and mouth. And because I was naive then, and an older relative said it, I believed it. I love sharing the things that I learned, so I told it to my cousins, and they all just laugh at me. It was pretty embarrassing, why do older people lie to kids? When kids believe whatever they say. It is just not fair. I will never do that to kids, because I don’t want them to live in a lie. People think it is not a big deal, but it is – to me. I just hate being lied to, because I trust in a snap.

    • Hi KC! I’m so happy to hear from you. I know about the lying. It messes everything up. I agree, adults can be terribly mean, scaring kids. I never did that to my kids and I’m glad you won’t either. There’s enough scaring from spooky stories.
      In this writing I was saying that I think this presentation of the world we live in isn’t the real world–that it’s like a really big lie–and that the real world is God’s world filled with love and joy and people at peace. At least, that’s what I’m praying for! Take care, sweetie.

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