We Are Missed

Art We Are Missed 3I think being born on Earth is a choice we make to wield the power of free will, to see what we can do on our own, to test the boundaries of universal laws and experience the results ourselves. So far, we’ve messed up a lot. Our planet, the great being who shelters and feeds us, has been trashed and many of us couldn’t care less. There are hundreds of millions of people in the world who live in poverty, without healthy food and clean water or access to decent housing, medical care or education. There are millions of people in our country who live in poverty. How much do we care? How is this care measured, for truly, if we can walk in space, wouldn’t just a bit of thoughtfulness and sincerity solve the problem of poverty in America?

Money and power and stuff have become gods on Earth and, though many of us do worship God, we often refuse to accept that another’s faith is as genuine as our own. Religious differences have grown wars for thousands of years. The truth is, we humans worship war, not the Man of Peace or the others who have come in the name of Love and Peace. We’ve arrived at a point in history when the confusion around free will (and our purpose for being) is falling away. We are like the son in the Bible who has lived irresponsibly and squandered his inheritance, yet he is welcomed home by his ecstatic father: Come home to my care. Love is your inheritance. Be at Peace.

We have important questions to answer for ourselves: What is happiness, really? Do we need so much stuff to be happy? Can we live without sucking dry the resources of Mother Earth and other people? Do we need drama, or can we live in peace, beginning with our own family members, our neighbors and our co-workers? The invitation to come Home is for all of us, for every single one of us. We are missed and longed for. Will we accept our inheritance? What difference will we make along the way?


2 thoughts on “We Are Missed

  1. We are all on the path back home and one of the reasons for all this poverty and the many wars is that everyone is on a different level of consciousness. So it behooves us not to judge others, but to continue praying for them and showing them love and kindness and sometimes, when necessary, tough love. I long to go HOME, but obviously still have many lessons to learn here on this planet. So let’s keep the faith, keep smiling and be happy and healthy,

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