Free To Be You and Me

birds in flightBeing a body, mind and Spirit can be a tough job. Add to that our dual natures, our shadow selves pulling toward, “Me, me, ME!” and our higher selves pulling for, “May I manifest God-within-me,” and we’ve got the basis for some pretty remarkable stories. Put all of us together and life on Earth becomes a Great Cosmic Story, with each of us deciding who we will become, what in life has true value, and what legacy we will leave. Add in the little we’ve learned about the universe and how we got here (are there parallel dimensions and other us’s; are we alone in this great big universe; is all we see and touch an illusion and the reason we’re really here is to learn who we are?) and we truly are living the lives of characters in the best sci-fi/thriller/romance novel ever written.

What is free will, and how does it work? Why are there universal laws regarding greed, gluttony, pride and lust, lying, envy and thievery, and all the other ways of being that throw us ‘out of balance’? It seems we humans love to break universal laws, and in dealing with the consequences, men are forced to create their own laws with the ability to enforce them. Though our system of justice certainly has its faults, all hell would break loose otherwise. I’m really grateful for my free will, but I’m also grateful for the universal laws, for they are our teachers and a road map to a life well lived.

So, are we free? Yes, but it is a freedom designed for learning about ourselves, for growing into our highest and best selves, and for finding the callings of our souls. It is the freedom to choose connection to something greater than ‘little me’ and its tantrums, opinions and demands. It is the freedom to love with a capital L, to be honest and courageous, and to make a positive difference in the lives of others. We all have access to the very best freedom of all: the freedom to seek the Truth within and in so doing, learn to fly.

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2 thoughts on “Free To Be You and Me

  1. Excellent post. Thanks. And we definitely have that wonderful freedom to go within, from which place we can then extricate wonderful gems of wisdom. Once we’ve learned lessons from moving downwards, we can again strive up, up and away (we had hot air balloon races in our town this weekend). And we can fly back into the arms of our creator, so to speak.

    • From the quiet the answers come–but, dang it’s hard to get there. However–practice makes perfect and we have to try. In my own case, I’ve noticed that even the slightest efforts to quiet my mind are rewarded by Love. Thanks for being here, Anita.

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