Unconditional Love and My Taxi Driver

Do you remember the most love you ever felt, the moment you knew that, without question, you would give your life for that person? No question, I love my children that way, as most parents do. Recently in our city, a mother and her son had stopped for gas before going out to dinner. She had dedicated herself to helping him leave his gang, and he had done that. When they walked outside from the store, someone shouted the son’s name. They looked over and saw a former gang member pointing a gun at her son. Just as the kid with the gun pulled the trigger, she stepped in front of her son, collapsed, and her body died on the gas station’s asphalt lot. The shooter killed the young man’s mom, but he could not destroy her love.

I have dreamed of loving a being of light, a Native American man who drives a taxi and, along with a dream taxi-ride every so often, he gives me loving and wise counsel. When I am with him, my heart pulses strong and true. Its closed doors fling open, and I know I would give my life for this man. After he pulls over, he turns his twinkling eyes onto me, loving me deeply, infusing my now desperate heart with enough courage to leave his car and to carry that love into the world.I realized one day that was the point of my taxi rides—to share that love.

My human heart, as much as it is able, is touched every taxi ride with God’s Love-Pulses for us. If the love I feel in those dreams is a candle-flame to the sun of God’s Love, yes, if we looked upon God, we would burst into flames.

Maybe that’s why His beautiful Son came to Earth, as intermediary and interpreter. Sit with me and I will tell you about your Father, and how much He loves you. His love for me is immeasurable, yet He gives me to you, so that you will know how deeply you are loved, and how He longs for you to come home.

I have read more than once that God knows our nature, our strengths and our weaknesses, before we are born, and our leanings toward one or the other. I have sensed that who we are, beings with souls, is a part of God’s grand design for experiential relationship with us, and that while we may be condemned by other humans, we are not condemned by God. Could this possibly be true? If my taxi driver is any reflection of God, condemnation is not the mission. I think we should fling open the doors to our hearts and be loved unconditionally.

I mean, why not?

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4 thoughts on “Unconditional Love and My Taxi Driver

  1. Yes, indeed, let’s all fling open the doors to our hearts and be loved unconditionally. And wouldn’t it be great if we could extend this unconditional love to one another, especially since we all yearn for it. But the closest to this is still the parent-child relationship and at times a husband-wife relationship. Usually we love another person as long as he lives up to our standards. And usually we feel we are worthy of unconditional love only as long as we live up to certain standards as well. How sad. But we don’t have to stay there. We can change once we acknowledge it and wish to get beyond it.

    • One of the hardest habits to break: Being self-centered and then giving up on goodness because we feel we don’t deserve it. There’s change in the air, though, a new light shining on what is true and real, and those, as you say, are are forgiveness and unconditional love. Thanks for being here. Love, Pam

  2. Hi Pam,
    Thanks for coming by my blog. I did see your earlier comment and had meant to respond, but you know how life gets sometimes. I am learning alot about the natural world during this time in my life and one of my favorite teachers is a writer named Ted Andrews. He writes extensively about the red-taiiled hawk in his book Animal Speak. I also understand he has written a new book. You could read more there than I am able to tell you; but every day, as I listen to the birds around me, especially these days crow and chickadee and sometimes jay, i know deep in my heart they have something important to share, and I know I am loved and never alone.

    • Thanks, Sue, for writing about the hawk. It was the answer I was seeking, even if you didn’t know. I linked your site here, and you are so right about the animals. Your mandalas are breathtaking. All I can say is wow!

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