Two Windows and a Choice

Would you consider something with me? If your time on Earth came to an end and two windows opened before you: One filled with Light, an ethereal sky and people who almost floated in their other-worldly surroundings; and the second window showed dark skies and people rushing everywhere in a rocky city carved into the side of a craggy mountain–and this was all the information you had–which would you choose? If you knew your decision would affect you for a very long period of time, hundreds of thousands of years and many lifetimes, would that make a difference?

Which window popped into your mind? Do you know why? I’d like to think I’d pick the world filled with light, but it is very hard to change, isn’t it? As souls who have peopled this world for thousands of years, we are used to dark conditions, evil kings and dictators, corrupt governments, slavery, savagery, and wars over land and other valuables. We are used to feeling guilt and shame and being told that we are certain for hell. The dark, rocky city seems a comfortable fit.

What would it be like in the world of light? Are we beaten down enough that we’d be willing to take a chance on something different, something beautiful and peaceful? Or, certain of our own unworthiness, would we stand too long and watch the first window finally close? “Wait!” we’d shout, but the time for choosing has come and gone. Our souls would be sucked into the dungeon of the stone castle, where we’d await our fate, settled on by a savage, corrupt, and evil ruler.

Almost all of us have committed so many errors against ourselves and others by the end of our lives that it would seem we’d be given no choice. But what if all of us are Loved so much that it is understood we’d only been human. Perhaps we even tried to be better people. What if we were given the choice? If we were offered the world of light, would that mean we were wrong about our self-judgments and our judgments of others? Would it mean we were ready to live in the light?

Just in case this is possible, shall we affirm now that if given the choice, we are ready to make the leap from darkness into the light? Hearts filled with gratitude, and after only a few seconds of surprise, we’d cross into the world of light and love, ready to make a blessed leap in consciousness.


11 thoughts on “Two Windows and a Choice

  1. hmm…I think it would depend on what the info was…personally, I’d not have a choice. ❤ If the odds were fifty fifty, I'd be in a world of hurt just thinking about it! 🙂


  2. i would choose the LIGHT… if i was given an option..

    i believe that this earth will come to its ruins and that time will come SALVATION. -JUDGMENT DAY..where in those who lived in good faith will be saved and those who didn’t will suffer forever..(it was on the Bible)

    However, it was us who choose what we become or what we shall have.

    I don’t want to quote from the Bible (for I am not a preacher and I do not know anything and I don’t want to sound corny) but I can’t help myself so here it is.

    “For the LORD loves the just and will not forsake His faithful ones. They will be protected forever, but the offspring of the wicked will be cut off; The righteous will inherit the land and dwell in it forever.”-Ps. 37:28-29

    • Hi KC,
      I know you would choose the light! And I also know these are deep subjects, things we all wonder and pray about. I think because we all have the seeds for ‘wickedness’ within, we’re all vulnerable to fear and fear of failing to be a good, or good enough, person. I pray there is hope for all of us. Take care and thanks for coming by.

    • Go for the light, but don’t be afraid to learn from the dark, I say.
      I do not believe in a Judgment Day, for creation knows no judgment, only love. A vengeful God can only exist in the human dualistic mind. We are all loved all the time, we’re already there. You don’t have to be good, for you are perfect in your imperfection. Love heals All.

      • Yes, Sven, the darkness has definitely been my teacher; it booted me back around toward the light!
        On an instinctive level, that we are all loved all the time feels right, though I also believe people do exist who reject the light. I worry that what we BELIEVE about ourselves is a determining factor in what happens to us when we leave our bodies. And I want us all to choose the light because it feels like we’re all connected.

  3. I love this message. In the end, I believe we will have no choice. We will all enter into light no matter what mistakes we made here. God is a Loving Creator and He does not cause suffering or punishment. He just keeps on loving for that is all He is capable of. Darkness will simply and quietly disappear into Light and that will be that. And that’s a beautiful thing. Thank you for the reminder, Pam, and the thought provoking message. Love, Sharie

    • I hope to keep writing about this, and is why you are at the top of my links, Sharie, because you help us let go of self-defeating thoughts and beliefs, that could pull us toward the darkness. Does a Course in Miracles teach about our beliefs, such as, if we believe we’re going to hell, we go into darkness, or is all of this existence simply transmuted? Thank you! Love, Pam

      • Don’t quite understand your question, Dear. The Course teaches the only hell is the one we’ve chosen right here, right now and we can choose again at any time. We can choose the ego or God and His Love in all things. Choosing to see the world through the eyes of the ego always causes fear. Asking for help to see with God’s Vision will always help us see through the eyes of Love and will lift us above the ego’s mistaken thought system into a miraculous experience. Love, Sharie

        • Thank you, Sharie–I think that’s your best summation yet. The question of hell cannot be explained any more clearly than this. Thank you for sharing your love and wisdom. Pam

  4. I would definitely choose to go into the Light. Because I was born into the war, I’ve had many dreams of the end of the world. And at that moment it’s like I had always known this moment would come. Usually my spirit survived the end of the world but on rare occasions I felt abandoned, alone and lost. I would choose the light then because I choose the light now and I feel like I’ve pretty much overcome the darkness.

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