Kindness Seeds

One easy way to tune into the Force, as Yoda calls it in Star Wars, is to practice kindness. Commit to one act per day, and ample opportunities will show themselves. Kindness has a tremendous impact on those who serve us, because so few of us bother to acknowledge the “invisible” ones. Many of us are impatient, demanding, and intolerant of a slow checker, an older driver, a testy clerk.

Oh, how impatient I was when I worked and shuffled my kids to daycare, school, after-school sports and so on. Years passed when I didn’t think at all of the feelings of the person behind the counter, or how their day was going. I was harried, often late and my list of things to do as a single mom with three kids never ended. Rude behavior like mine is more typical than not, and that’s exactly why an act of kindness has such an impact.

There is no cost to us for acts of kindness—except to get over ourselves and our agendas for a minute or two. In fact, as we bless someone with thoughtfulness, we are also blessed and it feels good. All our thoughts, all our actions, join either the field of light or the field of darkness. That’s why we can change the world. Isn’t that amazing?

No matter our mistakes from the past, if we want to be better people, practicing kindness is an easy way to start, and the rewards are great. Love never runs out and truly is a miracle, for the ‘I-care’ seeds we plant with others grow into kindness plants within them and soon they’re planting kindness seeds, too. Go ahead, change the world.

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3 thoughts on “Kindness Seeds

  1. Love this one. Unfortuantely I remember too many instances when my ‘don’t you know that I’m in a hurry’ produced anything but kindness. I have slowed down, though my temperament seems to remain at a fast pace. Kindness does multiply and make the world a gentler place.
    Like Pam said, it takes so little to do so much. Thanks, Pam.

  2. Wonderful way to put it. Kindness pays back in so many ways and feeling good is one of the best! When you look at it, for a lot of people, kindness is one of the hardest things they can do in their lives. [Even though they might scoff when asked :P] Thanks for sharing, Pam!

    • I’ve been reading and hearing a lot about kindness lately. I think there’s a movement building, which probably started with the movie, Pay It Forward. What a blessing to everyone we are whenever we are kind. Thank you for sharing here, LB. Pam

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