To Be Better People

When I think of conquest, I think of the ‘great conquerors’ of history—it’s never a pretty sight. What is it that drives men forward like that, to keep on warring, keep on killing, keep on capturing? In my mind, these men represent the worst in us, that drive for dominance, the absolute sense that they own the lives, the land and the sweat of others.

We see this drive in America in powerful men in business, government and the media, who use lawyers to control others–and in street gangs, who still use weapons, reminding us of darker, lawless times. To what end? To what end?

There are questions about evolution. How do we evolve from craving control to living in peace? How do we evolve to, ‘I understand; how may I serve?’ I’ve always wished there was a large, isolated island, where we could banish the dominators and let them duke it out amongst themselves. But it’s not going to happen that way, is it? We’ve all got dark seeds within; we make this journey together on planet earth, our struggling, mixed-up mess of humanity.

I take hope from the outstanding souls who’ve dedicated themselves to ending war, poverty, and hunger, who spread compassion, education, and peace. I pray that the light they shine is enough to unleash our deep longing to connect with something higher than ourselves, something that will help us be better people, something that will kick-start the evolution toward lives filled with purpose and meaning–toward Love.


2 thoughts on “To Be Better People

  1. You titled this “Evolution” and I do think that whatever is going on at any particular moment, is a part of this evolution of the soul – be it the individual or or all of mankind. And I am thankful for the advanced souls that pave the way for the rest of us to live a life filled with purpose, kindness, compassion and love.

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