On Cooperation, A Guest Post by Michael Brine

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I absolutely agree with all that has been said in the post at Notes Along the Path entitled, Dominance or Cooperation? Copied here are selections from a piece I wrote for my Beyond the Box Column that appears on the website: http://www.missionignition.net.

Times of turmoil and dislocation CAN be used for constructive change and clearer seeing, hopefully learning from our past mistakes. As a wise man once said, “There is no such thing as a mistake – only unrealized wisdom.” That puts a more positive spin on it, doesn’t it?

So, what can we learn? What needs to change?

The Male/Female Imbalance

This is a global issue I’ve focused on before. This imbalance has been around for thousands of years. It has been the basic cause of so much that has gone wrong around the world. These imbalances are seen in almost all cultures – specifically in religion, politics, marriages – arranged or otherwise – businesses – you name it – it is there, deliberately or under the covers – pun intended!

There is a nurturing tendency within the female that is more hidden within the male. The male tends to be more aggressive. This is the active principle of the male as opposed to the passive principle of the female.

In my opinion, if such a balance had existed in past centuries most of our wars would never have happened. I make that statement unequivocally. The need for power and to rule through fear that is so often exhibited by men, would have been dampened by the more compassionate element within women, had they shared power.

Male dominated religions have divided the world and caused so much needless suffering, and always in the name of a “Loving God!”

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I have also enclosed a lovely poem about Sisterhood:

The Temple Poem

By Bethroot Gwynn – 1982-2003

“I thread my way, carefully, toward Temple.

I and sister travelers – ahead, behind –

Quickly, here is a path!

Disappearing in tangles of history

There, make a new one

Close at hand, close to home.

I, quietly, by the thousands,

step into a shrine of my own making.

I and the multitudes of women who have slipped

silently away from the man’s ceremonies.

We dare to come

Right into the heartbeat of Love

Naming it Women, calling it Holy.

We decorate the altar with mirrors,

dance praise to breast and womb

as it was in the beginning.

As it is now,

the tabernacle is invisible

to those who cannot read our codes.

Sister pilgrims file into the circle,

a throng of worshippers.

We speak in tongues of song and drum

reverent before our own images

jubilant to invent our own litanies.

I have peered behind the inmost veil

and discovered a myriad of me,

spinning life and death,

mapping new ventures of soul.

I, and all these tribeswomen,

charmed with power to fire galaxies

spell-bound to each other and to the earth

as it evermore shall be.”