The Carnival Ride from Hell

I am often reminded of abuse, drugs and addiction living in an apartment complex. It is very easy to judge others who are having problems, but two things have changed for me:

1) I became less judgmental as I got to know myself better and realized the seeds of the dark stuff are in me, too, and not just because of my genetics. The potential for destruction is in all of us.

2) I realized every single one of us would do better if we could. No one says, “Yay! The darkness is destroying me,” or, “Wow! It is using me to destroy others, too. Cool!” We are whipped by the darkness; it is not something we celebrate.

Forgiveness is second, behind only Love, in ‘how to live a life of meaning,’ because all judgments of ourselves separate us from Love, and all judgments of others separate us from them.

To degrade ourselves and each other comes easily to us. The more things we do that hurt ourselves or others, the more likely we are to repeat those behaviors, thus, the more we deserve to live in the darkness and the more likely we are to spread the darkness–and so on. It is the carnival ride from hell, and we can’t get off until we realize how much we are loved, in spite of everything we’ve done.

Once I accepted my own weaknesses, began to love myself anyway (when I realized God did) it wasn’t long before I saw how much potential for healing is available to all of us. As naturally as destruction comes to us, Love is irresistible.

“You love me anyway? No matter what?” I asked God, many times. “Are you sure?”

“If only you knew how much I love you,” God within answered. “I created you; you are my beloved child. In this world, darkness appears to rule, but this is not true. Do you remember when you were young and were taught to throw a blanket over a fire to put it out? That is how the darkness is, like a heavy blanket that falls over your world–but it is just a blanket. Throw it off and there is light and love and beauty all around, so much so, everything will appear to be glowing. When you look down at yourself, you will see that you are glowing, too! I love you because I see you as you really are.”


3 thoughts on “The Carnival Ride from Hell

  1. Wow! The God that you speak about surely lives in me as well. I am in a struggle this very second with someone over the same thing…

    I hate my weaknesses…they make me do stupid stuff! 🙂

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