Dark Thoughts Become Dark Projections

“Thoughts are things,” the old saying goes. We create our lives and environments by what we think—even if we don’t know it. Our fears are made real by our constant focus on them. Our goals begin as thoughts, which become a series of actions and, at last, an objective is achieved. If you think about it, how could it be any other way? I mean, what if we had to live a life created by a co-worker or next-door neighbor?

Having struggled with depression for many years of my life, I am familiar with dark thoughts and negative moods, and can attest that negativity does, indeed, attract negativity, just as kindness attracts kindness. Not until I read the following, though, from the book, The Magus of Strovolos, by Kyriacos C. Markides, did I understand more about why I got sick.

These are words of the Greek healer known as Daskalos:

“What about morbid conditions that emerge directly as a result of our egotism such as anger, ostentation, hatred, feelings of being hurt, of showing off and the like? Egotism is itself a thought-form which is already formed within the self-conscious personality. It is the product of the repetition of many thoughts. At this stage, the slightest provocation sets it into motion. Egotism thought-forms create other thought-forms. When a person has evil and malicious thoughts toward another person, the forms he creates have the shapes of snakes, with various dark colors, usually putrid green. They come out either from the heart or from the base of the nose. They move toward the person against whom we consciously or sub-consciously direct them and they tend to stick to the aura of that person. Eventually, they return to us. Sometimes these dark thought-forms can attain the size of an anaconda and when they return to us, we feel our hearts tighten.”

For more information, click on Kyriacos Markides.

This is only one paragraph from a fascinating book that is a wake-up call. Though  we may not want to believe that our thoughts take form, especially forms like these, this book helps us to realize what we are doing. To create a peaceful world, we must become aware of what we are thinking.

Jesus’ words, ‘Remove the mote from your own eye before you judge another,’ always made sense to me. So now, sometimes even before I know what I’m thinking, an irritating bubble appears on my eye. It goes away as soon as I recognize my negative thoughts and let go of them. Can’t say my prayers aren’t being answered.


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  1. Thank you for commenting on my site recently. It really encouraged me. Thank you also for being so honest in your posts. It is so refreshing to find such a willingness to write the truth, as hard as it sometimes is. Blessings to you!

  2. Thanks, Meg. I’ll be checking back every now and then to see what your writing is up to!

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